Learn to protect your furniture. It’ll save you thousands of future dollars.

It’ll keep your furniture looking clean. And it ensures that your home stays modern…

Also, it helps you avoid the need for 2nd hand furniture.

Protection Methods.

It depends on the furniture piece, and its use.

For example, what works for a sofa won’t work for a tabletop. And vice versa.

Below, we’ll discuss the main furniture categories. We’ll then mention their best protection methods!

First – Sofas and Armchairs.

The most susceptible to damage – especially with pets around.

Maintaining those starts with positioning.

Make sure chairs are on level ground. It ensures that you don’t put extra stress on certain parts of the frame.

Fabric Maintenance.

There are two ways to maintain the upholstery.

First, you perform regular maintenance. This’ll be regular vacuum cleaning, and daily tugs to ensure proper fit.

Those tugs are important. After all, an improper fit can cause tears when using the seat.

Protection Covers.

Recommended only for daily use. Otherwise, avoid them, as they’re horrible for visitors.

You can get microfiber covers for the cushions and head. This protects from accidental spillage, sweat and other stains.

Just be sure to pick colors that match your chair aesthetics.

Second – Bookshelves and Cabinets.

A little trickier. The protection methods used her depend on where you put them.

Living Room.

This’ll be your “TV table” and bookshelves.

Protecting those isn’t much of an issue. After all, you’re not putting your hands there too much.

Here, all you need is an occasional wipe.


Items here need more protection.

You need to protect from water and steam (hot showers, cooking). You also need protection from grease.

So here’s what you do…

First, ensure there’s proper ventilation. And if you can, try to get air circulating (especially in steamy areas).

Proper ventilation ensures that the heat diffuses out of the room. And you’re less likely to damage furniture that way.

Second, get a specialist to work on the cabinet finishes. Because in the end, that’s what gets damaged…

You need paint coats that are stain and heat resistant. And make sure they’re top-grade (so you don’t redo the painting often).

Third – Table and Kitchen Tops.

That’s where a lot of damage happens.

Most people don’t pay attention to damage in those areas. They overlook the impact of nice tops on home aesthetics…

But they do matter.


Look at food tabletops.

Those are damaged by spillage and food/grease remains. They stain fast.

Add to that heat damage from hot food. Then sprinkle in a little discoloration.

Or how about work desks? Because tabletops aren’t just for food…

Work desks can get damaged too. It could be from heat coming out of a computer. It could be from those daily coffees you slowly sip.

Basically, your tabletops needs protection. And here’s how to do that…


That’s an option, but we don’t recommend it. After all, they stain too.

Practically, you’re better off putting old newspapers on your dining table. They serve a similar purpose to tablecloths.

Acrylic Tabletops.

Now that’s an option we recommend.

Acrylic is the best table top protector. They’re easy to clean. And they work with easily damaged surfaces (like) wood.

As we all know, wood is prone to moisture stains, discoloration, and a variety of issues.

You can get them in a variety of colors too. And that’s good news for all your dining/office aesthetics.

A Second Option.

How about sanding?

We only recommend this for experienced DIY people. But using a random orbital sander might be the solution to tabletop maintenance…

It’ll keep it fresh. And you can maintain your tops in stock condition!