With summer on its way, it’s time to hold celebrations outdoors again. Below are five tips to transform your patio into the perfect space for summertime parties. Are you wondering, “where are interior designers near me”? There are experienced consultants in Southern California ready to make your patio into a party-ready space.

Spruce Up Your Space

It may sound simple, but mowing your lawn is one of the easiest ways to make your outdoor space ready for parties. Don’t forget to sweep your patio and wash any outdoor furniture. A thorough clean
will make your patio look fresh and inviting, especially if you haven’t used it over the winter.

Keep Mosquitos at Bay

Nothing puts a damper on a party like the annoying buzz of mosquitoes. To banish these pests from your patio, remove any standing water at least one week before the festivities. On the day of, burn citronella candles for both ambiance and bug control.

Light Up the Night

As day fades to dusk, it’s time to turn on the lights. Stylish options include hanging strings of lights, using hurricane lanterns, and lighting candles. Hollywood interior designers can help you find the perfect lighting to create a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

Provide Plenty of Seating

To avoid the awkward scenario where some guests must stand while everyone else sits, make sure your patio has enough seating. Taking indoor chairs outside can give your party a fun, eclectic vibe. Another great option is spreading colorful blankets on the grass. If you want to maintain a color scheme, consider renting chairs.

Feature an Outdoor Bar

Instead of sending guests indoors every time they want a drink, bring the bar outside. Whether you feature the drinks on a table or rolling cart, having an outdoor bar is a creative, stylish way to keep your guests immersed in the party.

Summer is the time to use your outdoor space to its full potential. For help transforming your patio into the perfect place for parties, turn to Hollywood interior designers.