Antarctica may not be a place that people normally go on vacation. But that’s what makes this trip so special and rare. You get to experience things you normally don’t feel, see, hear, and touch. But how do you prepare for your trip to Antarctica? Start with this article.


Educate yourself on what type of clothes should you bring, how will your body react to extreme cold, survival tips, and food that are available in that region. You need to research about health facts that can prepare you when you go.

How to Get There

Get to know the different flights to Antarctica. Some parts of Antarctica are dangerous to sail, especially during colder seasons, so getting a flight may be your best option. This does not, however, mean that you won’t be able to go on a cruise at all. This just means that you first have to fly to Antarctica and then go on your cruise.

Polar Holidays offers a flight to Antarctica program that includes a cruise as well. You not only get to experience this cruise, but you also get to enjoy your vacation

Things to Do When You Go to Antarctica

Cruise ships don’t have schedules during the winter season. They only travel during winter or the months of November to May. Though it’s still cold, tourists who are not accustomed to freezing winter can handle the weather during these schedules.

So what is there to see and do in Antarctica? This list below will give you a glimpse.

  1. Swimming. You may think that Antarctica is an ocean full of ice, but northerners love to swim in these waters even when it has freezing temperatures. Even travelers request cruise ships to stop so they can take a dip and experience the Antarctic Ocean. Don’t worry; if you can’t handle the icy waters. Cruise ships have a sauna or hot tub to warm your body.
  2. Kayaking. When the water is calm, you can actually go kayaking on the coastal waters. With this, you don’t have to dip your body in the water. Here you can see the wildlife in this continent such as whales, penguins, and seals.
    Watch seals and penguins up close. You may not know it but, penguins and seals are much cuter up close. Here you can see six species of penguins and different
  3. kinds of seals. Some of them interact with travelers, and must continue on with their daily life, stretching out on top of icebergs, catching fishes, strolling, playing, and lying in the sun.
  4. See Icebergs. You’ll never have an idea of big icebergs are in Antarctica when you haven’t laid your eyes on one. Travelers describe these icebergs as behemoth and magnificent. An average-sized iceberg in Antarctica can make a cruise ship look like a small boat.

Don’t forget to bring several pieces of jackets, boots, and winter clothes, and prepare your body for an experience of a lifetime when you visit Antarctica.