You want to send your buddy off in style with a bachelor party he will never forget. It is a great chance to solidify the bond that you have with him and the rest of the gang.

What happens when you are short on funds, though?

With rent or mortgage, student loans to pay until you’re retired, and a car payment, you’re seriously stretching yourself to put together an epic bachelor party.

Who says that the best bachelor party has to be expensive, though? Believe it or not, how much you spend has no bearing on how much fun it can be.

With the right planning, you can put together a bachelor party that will remind your buddy why he picked you to be the best man in the first place.

Give some personalized gifts

To make sure everybody feels welcome, come up with some gifts for the small crew to show that you are like a band of brothers. Some personalized gifts like pocket knives, engraved beer steins or whiskey decanters are a great keepsake to remember the night. Online stores like the Groomsshop can put together a package that does not break the bank.

Keep it small

Don’t think you have to invite everybody. Even if you had an unlimited budget, having a big group is not the way to go anyway.

When the group is really big, you and the groom to be will be stretched thin trying to make sure everybody is having a good time. And, there will always be some that are not having fun at all. There are going to be too many personalities to please everybody.

Best to keep the guest list small and with only his closest friends and relatives.

Rent a cabin

Getting away from the pressure of all the wedding planning and too many pre-wedding parties will be a welcome relief for the groom to be.

A cabin in the wilderness is a good way to accomplish this. It is cost effective and can be remembered for a long time if you do it right.

Set up some planned activities that can be done out in the woods or mountains. If it’s winter, do some snowshoeing or organize a dog sled tour. In the summer, tubing down a river with a cookout at the end is becoming increasingly popular.

Stock the cabin with good food and plenty of beer and it is sure to be a hit.

Winery or craft beer tour

Just about every state in the country has a winery or several. Those that don’t surely have some local breweries.

And chances are that they offer tours. Many of them are also free. Take the gang out to one of these tours and learn while you’re having fun. At the end, buy up a few cases to take to the cabin in the woods I mentioned in the last section.