If you have ever been a guest at a wedding ceremony of a friend or a family member, then you know how hard you focus on things set up for the wedding. Starting from the food that is going to be served, to the mesmerizing decorations to steal your eyes, you probably zoom in to watch everything properly instead of the actual wedding ceremony. Go through our detailed guide on how you can make special additions to your wedding ceremony that your guests will absolutely love.

Couples are going out of their way to set up a beautiful wedding ceremony that will catch the attention of the guests to a large extent. A personalized look to the wedding can do wonders with the ceremony where two hearts declare their love for each other. The ceremony will stand to talk about their commitment to each other in front of their family and friends. Guests will be the witness for your wedding and they will be your number one supporters and cheerleaders throughout your life. A personal touch to the wedding ceremony adds to the uplifting environment which creates a joyous occasion for the day to be celebrated to the fullest. Read along to find out all about how you could make your wedding ceremony special so that your guests will love it.

Welcome your guests with personalized goodie bags and boxes

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You can greet your guests with a personalized touch that they will definitely fall in love with. You can give them a wedding started kit which contains small elements like scented soap or any other bubbly bottles along with customized tote bags that they will adore. These personal touches give a sense of warmth to your guests and let them know that you care about them. It could also contain the map to your entire wedding set up along with the local cool places to visit and enjoy. A specialized welcome note can be very special for your guest’s arrival.

The seating set-up for the wedding

Now, this might sound like a fickle idea, but the seating position of the guests can matter a lot to enhance your ceremony’s experience for all the audience. And this comes to be the easiest one that you can manage to do. Changing the seating positions can give your guests a better look at the aisle and the overall wedding ceremony. An intimate seating position can add a great sense of intimacy between you and your beloved guests. Try not to stand with your back to the guests, facing your friends and family can give a more warming effect to cherish the big moment. Get the best wedding flowers for decorations. Surround the seats with beautiful flowers that could add a beautiful twist.

Spread the word on the socials

Make the party a little more hyped by spreading the word about your wedding ceremony details and updates through various social media platforms. Most of the guests will have a phone with them anyway, and this could boost your wedding ceremony’s presence as well. You can create a wedding hashtag to go with it and spread it through your guests. They can readily share photos and videos live, and this will be another amazing way for you to document your wedding ceremony with different perspectives.

Serve amazing Gourmet food that they will absolutely adore

You can talk to your caterer to make your food options creative so that your guests will love to dig in. The food serving does not have to be completely fancy; you can include different type of palettes that your guests will love to surf through and choose. You can decide with the caterer to make something that will be everyone’s favorite. With that, the presentation of the food is bound to attract eyes along with different colors of the contents. Mini-food is loved by everyone so you can focus on that as well to keep your guests happy and fulfilled with those delicious little things.

Go for a sweet element of surprise

An element of surprise is bound to catch anyone’s attention, and with that, it comes to be a really special addition to your wedding ceremony. This could delight your guests to a large extent. You can arrive at the wedding ceremony by a horse carriage or a vintage car that will fascinate everyone, and it will definitely be a loving welcome. You can go for a dove release or balloon release which could be a very beautiful addition. Else, you can also go for fireworks if your wedding is taking place in the evening. Think of creative surprise elements that will surprise everyone; you can set up for butterfly release, or even a cozy and elegant lantern launch into the sky to mark the special day.