What is a glass terrarium house?

You might be already aware of what terrarium is. Nothing complicated, it is your little forest where you grow decorative and small plants in a dedicated and enclosed environment. These terrarium are transparent containers which gardeners can access with ease. There are a lot of appreciable things about terrarium and one it is the uniqueness. This is a do it yourself project which a gardener design after inspiration. If you are ready to make your miniature garden in no time then avail the guide below.

Requirements for glass terrarium house

There are certain things which are vital for glass terrarium house like you will need glass vessel, pebbles, activated charcoal, soil and without doubt the plant. You will find much unique glass vessel in the market but you need to go for the transparent one, as after all, you need to relish the mini garden. For creating a base, make use of small stones. Pebbles are also vital for water drainage. This control is vital else the root will rot in no time, decaying your plant. Activated charcoal is needed for keeping the water fresh. You need the charcoal for fighting with the bacteria which are growing in the terrarium. You need to make use of gritty soil as potting soil is not recommended for glass terrarium house. The soil is vital for the base.

Make sure you get the special mixes of the soil for special sort of plants like succulents. Gritty soil is preferred over potting one owing to its ability to control excess water.

Without a doubt you need greenery for glass terrarium house thus you need to get your favorite pint-sized plants. You can avail several options like succulents, cacti, and air plants. You can even browse through recommended plants for terrarium if you do not own any favorite. You will also be needing gardening tools which will help you through your journey of creating your small little miniature forest.

Steps to make glass terrarium house

Let’s look at the actual steps for making your dream glass terrarium house. First of all, you need to cover the bottom of the terrarium with about one and a half-inch thick layer of pebbles. Bear in mind that the bottom layer is vital as it will act as a drainage control. Next, you need to add a thin layer of activated charcoal as this will keep the terrarium free from the bacteria. The third step is to go for the soil layer.

Are you questioning how deep the soil layer should be there for glass terrarium house? Then you need to make sure it is deep enough for the plants to roots. Ensure the layer is at least two and a half-inch. Make it two inches wide at least. Have fun and design it as per your preference. If you will be dealing with cactus or any prickly plant then don’t forget to wear gloves. Lastly, you need to pour in your personality to complete the arrangement of the terrarium. The maintenance of the terrarium then becomes your responsibility thus ensure that it receives proper light and water.