Remodeling and gutting a bathroom, as many homeowners quickly realize, can be as costly. In most cities, mid-level bathroom renovation goes for around $17,000 for a foot space of 5-by-7. During a resale, only 74% of that amount can be recouped.

There is less of a return for an upscale bathroom remodel of equal size. The typical cost is $25,000 to $55,000, and one should expect to recoup only 64% of that. Let us face it, remodeling a bathroom in numerous cases is about aesthetics. There are plenty of reasons to maintain it as it is if the shower is structurally sound, the sink is not creating water damage, and the toilet flushes. Bathroom design is crucial to maximize space. Below are some tips about how to save money in the process and maximize the space.

1. Vanity Selection

One of the most crucial decisions for small bathrooms is what style and size sink and cabinet you select. They usually eat up the majority of the space – if not visually, then physically. Also, when selecting one, the vanity and sink will define the tone for the rest of the bathroom. There are two options in smaller bathrooms, where the vanity is going to eat up the majority of the real estate. They include European design or a pedestal sink.

Although the pedestal sink frees up space and looks attractive, it presents storage difficulties that need some innovation. This includes where to put additional toilet paper rolls and the hairdryer. However, there are plenty of retailers, such as World Market and Container Store, where you can build shelves or cabinets or use small baskets in the bathroom to make it operational.

Remodeling experts suggest selecting light colors and a slim design that does not look too boxy if you decide to go with a sink and cabinet. This will draw less attention compared to dark wood. A vanity cabinet with dresser-like legs is one style that is popular these days. It creates some visual space so that you can utilize the floor and can make your bathroom seem more significant while also giving it an updated look.

2. Finding new Space

You might request your contractor to search for some space by re-imagining its previous configuration. This is when you are thinking of gutting your bathroom and starting over. For instance, if your bathroom has a shower as well as a large tub, consider removing the latter. Majority of the time, bathtubs end up as wasted space because they are hardly used. Nowadays, people want to relax in the shower and seem to have less time for using tubs.

Around the walls is another place where space can be found. Space to build a bench or a shelf in the shower can be found once the contractors frame the walls and gut the old bathroom. It may not look like much, but in a tiny bathroom, every angle you can find to put to use can be beneficial. Ensure your newly constructed cabinet is as tall as possible.


You might want to add radiant heated floors in the bathroom. They are efficient during winter where it can get freezing. They also look beautiful and are value for money. Always do your research thoroughly before undertaking a bathroom renovation.