Garage Door Repairing

Vehicles are worthy investments, especially as they contribute to your health, well-being, and livelihood. A lot of people consider their cars as an integral part of their daily lives, and they make sure that their vehicles are adequately cared for. Garages are essential since they keep valuable things like cars and garden machines protected. Your garage serves as a safe house for your vehicles and adds value to your home.

If you live in a place like Concord, where temperatures range from freezing to hot depending on the season, keeping your car or truck inside a garage is a great choice. An even greater option is to have a garage door to protect your vehicle further. Garage Doors Repair Wizard Concord NC can help you with installing a garage door or repairing one.

Here are some instances when you know your garage doors need to be repaired:

1. When There’s Evidence of Corrosion

Garage Door
Garage doors are often made of materials that could corrode over time. Whether the door is made of metal, wood or a combination of both, corrosion is something that happens naturally. There are often ways to spot decay depending on the material you’re dealing with.

Here are some of the ways to see what kind of repairs your garage door would need:

  • Paint refurbishing

Paint is a colored coating that’s applied as a finish. It acts as added protection for the material underneath it so that it lasts longer. The paint status is one of the first things you should check. Any chipping or fading could lead to corrosion if exposed to various elements, so be sure to check the paint on your garage door from time to time.

  • Rust on metal parts

Even if your garage door is made of wood, you would still be using metal for parts like bolts, pulleys, hinges, springs, levers, and bars. These are often exposed to elements more than the painted metal parts of your garage door so they are more prone to corrosion. Check individual parts regularly and replace them if you discover rust.

2. Strange Sounds Upon Opening or Closing

Listen for scraping or unusual sounds your garage door makes when it is being opened or closed. These sounds are clues that something is wrong and you may need assistance to pinpoint what it is. If you hear a weird noise and want some help resolving it, use social media and check information on Facebook page of your preferred garage door professional.

3. Problem in the Door’s Alignment

Garage Door
Alignment issues can cause your garage door not to function correctly. You will have problems moving it and it may not open or close entirely. This could result in security concerns for you. By merely looking at your garage door, you should be able to tell if there are any misalignments.

4. Operation Issues

If your garage door has operation issues then it’s a sign that you need to repair it. There are two basic types of garage doors available: manual and automatic. Manual garage doors need full human intervention to operate properly. Automatic doors require little human assistance for them to work properly.

If your garage door is not operating smoothly, then it is an excellent time to either run a maintenance check or have your garage door repaired. Some of the work that can be done is:

  • Lubricating parts related to movement.
  • Checking drive chains for any weak points.
  • Checking gears for broken teeth or misalignment.
  • Cleaning debris or gunk that hinders your garage door from moving smoothly.
  • Changing bearings or wheels if you have a sliding garage door.

For automatic doors, additional checkpoints would be:

  • Remote control check – if it still gets enough power from its battery or its effective range is still the same.
  • Sensors – sensitivity levels may change over time due to the elements, dirt, or pests.
  • Motors – wear and tear are the usual culprits for motors to weaken or break down.
  • Tracks – lack of lubrication prevents your garage door from moving smoothly, and this will cause more significant problems if not addressed quickly or maintained properly.

5. Other Factors

Garage Door
Aside from those listed above, there are possible hidden causes that may weaken your garage door. Damage from these factors may not be visible, but the harm they cause should never be taken for granted. Add these two on your checklist to prevent any surprise mishaps. It is best to go beyond the face value of your door and check for internal flaws.

  • Pest damage – termites are the number one enemies of wood, and your wooden garage door is no exemption. Rats can gnaw their way through thin or weak sheets of plastic, wood, or aluminum. Once you have your garage door repaired or replaced, contact your friendly pest control company to rid your area of pests.
  • Elements – snow, rain, sleet, hail, and even heat can weaken your garage door over time. If your garage door is starting to flake, chip, or break, it would be a good reason to replace it or upgrade to a better material that can fare better against the elements.


A lot of garage owners have stressed the importance of having and maintaining a garage door. The pros outweigh the cons, and no one can argue about the added security a garage door provides. It is wise to seek professional advice from a trusted garage door company before embarking on a do-it-yourself fixing spree. It will save you a lot of money if you have proper guidance; even better if you leave it to the pros so you can have peace of mind.