Have you decided it’s time to give your office a makeover when it comes to the break room? Perhaps yours is getting tired and old, is no longer efficient, and really isn’t providing employees with that relaxing space they need to enjoy a break.

A well-fitted break room can actually act as a fabulous employee incentive, as it shows that you value them and care about their comfort. If you’re providing them with a couple of mismatched chairs, a small table, and not much else, then you’re not exactly giving off a great impression to employees. Here we’ll take a look at some great ways you can kit out your office break room and give employees the space they deserve.

A Dedicated and Separate Space

First things first, the break room should be just that – a separate room where employees can head for a snack break, coffee break, or to eat their lunch. If it is part of the common office space with no defining walls or barriers, it just won’t feel relaxing. Employees will still feel as though they are basically sitting at their desks in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of work.

Provide Enough Chairs and Table Space

Now because employees won’t just be slipping in and out of the break room, rather they will be hanging out to eat and drink, you need to provide ample seating and tables. You may want to place a couple of tables in the room making separate conversational areas if you will. Be mindful of how many people will likely be in the room at once, and then accommodate that number.

Give Employees Access to Free Beverages

Another huge incentive is to provide employees with access to free beverages such as herbal tea, coffee, and water. A well-hydrated employee is one who performs at their peak level, is alert, and focused.

Now rather than the typical water cooler you can up your game and provide an office sparkling water machine. Smart water dispensers from Bevi are all the rage right now and give employees the option of sparkling and still water on demand. You can even look into a flavored water dispenser through Bevi. You can set up restocking of your commercial water cooler with the company so you never have to worry about employees running out.

A Few Simple Appliances

Your office break room should also include a few key appliances. These will help to make the break room more useful and can help in keeping it tidier. A fridge is an absolute must, but rather than the small beer-sized fridges, opt for a full sized one to accommodate all employees. Then there is the all-important coffee maker. You can opt for a single-serve or the traditional drip style machine. Another must-have is a microwave for heating snacks and meals. And the final appliance is a dishwasher so that no-one has to worry about cleaning the dishes.

A Welcoming Space for Employees

These tips will help you to design a break room that is a welcoming space for your employees, and shows them just how much you value them and their overall comfort.