At one year of age, you and your baby have been passing a great time. At this stage babies not only lie-down and smile, but they also start talking, crawling, and walking. They interact with you which is a heavenly feeling and gives you the cherished pleasure of being a parent.

But most of us do struggle to decide just how we are going to keep them happy and fulfilled. This is a dilemma commonly seen in new parents.

Follow the tips below to make sure your time with your baby more eventful and ensure that they are happy and content.

Love Them A Lot

 Love Them a Lot
Your baby loves you the most. They are unable to express their feelings verbally but they can definitely understand your feelings. They love your touch, your warmth, and your voice. It gives them comfort and lessens their insecurity.

So show your love & affection at any and all times. Your hugs and smile will brighten their day and provide them with a sense of being secure and protected.

Feeding must be Appropriate

At this stage, babies start to eat semi-solid food in addition to regular milk. Try to give them nutritious food as much as possible. It gives them the energy to be active.

However, don’t ever force the babies to eat. Some babies have a natural eagerness to eat and some don’t. It’s not a big issue. Let them eat as much as they want. If they refuse, get the food away, try something new next time.

To make a baby habituated with eating let them see you as you eat. Bring them to the table with you so they can observe that eating is an enjoyable activity that brings the family together. Make eating time more enjoyable by adding colorful crockery’s.

Pass Playful Time with Your Baby

Pass Playful Time with Your Baby
Babies love playing. Engaging in different activities will bring them joy. Make sure you spend your time doing things which they like most. Sing to them, play rhymes, make them giggle.

Let them enjoy the time while they are with you. Don’t let them feel alone. You can also take the baby to the park and let them discover the joys of being with nature.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity
Physical activity is very important for a 1-year-old baby. Some babies start walking early, others, still crawl at this stage. Encourage them to walk or crawl more often. They will find their way soon enough.

Physical activity makes them strong and helps them get a good night’s sleep. I addition it develops proper muscles and bones. It also helps promote a healthy digestive system. And a healthy baby is a happy baby.


A toddler leads a very busy life! Their days are filled with activities such as roaming around, crying, playing, vomiting and eating. All these activities take a lot of energy and they get tired easily.

Sometimes they fall asleep while playing or eating. You need to make sure that your baby gets to sleep at least 15 hours at this stage. Make sure they are in a deep, sound sleep. Keep light and sound making devices and tools away from the room during this period. Proper rest is essential in a baby’s healthy growth.


Babies love toys – they tend to be colorful and attractive. There are various toy options for your 1 one year old baby. You can get various soft musical toys that are safe for them to play with. At this age chewing toys are also very useful. Pay attention and try to understand your baby’s choice of toys.

When you need to do something important, a toy may keep them occupied. This way your baby will be kept entertained while you finish your work.


Don’t be too strict with your baby. They might be small in size but they can feel a lot. Allow them a certain level of slack and let them enjoy that freedom.

However, make sure you are near and keeping on eye on your precious.

While they might just wander near to dangerous areas or someplace dirty. Intervene and gently steer them away from that place.

Show them your tolerance and leave it up to them to understand what is right. This will make your baby independent and happy. They will trust you with this and become more loyal to you.

Keep Your Baby Clean

Keep Your Baby Clean
Babies make themselves dirty very quickly. They get dirty while eating or playing, crawling and so much more. Always try to keep them neat and clean.

Staying clean will keep away any germs and diseases spread through the dirt. It will also keep them fresh. Try to give them a bath every day and use soft towels. You can try Mizu, world’s first bacteria detecting towels, to keep your kids hygienic.

Mizu’s color changing strips, dirt and sweat detecting properties as well as faster than average soaking properties will make them best towels for kids. since these towels are manufactured by using the same artisanal crafting methods native to Imabari, Japan, you can completely trust them.

Being dirty can make babies uncomfortable and as a result, they might get fussy and throw tantrums. Keeping them clean will ensure that they are in a fresh state of mind and remain in a fun mood.

Nap before the Outing

If you have plans to go out with the baby then make sure he/she takes a healthy nap before doing so. It will make them feel energetic and happy. Being able to grab the right amount of rest always uplifts your baby’s mood.

As a result of being completely rested, your baby will enjoy the time outdoors and let you have a good time too.

Understand Your Baby More

Understaqnding baby's more
Try to understand your baby’s untold needs and wishes more with each passing time. Find out which toy they like most or which food they prefer or even how they like to spend time with you.

Understanding your baby’s emotions will make them easy to take care of. It’ll also make the baby be more comfortable. Your baby will feel your embrace to be welcoming and will love to spend more joyous moments with you.

Help them to Learn New Things

Learn New Things
Teach your baby new words, show them new objects, introduce them to new, interesting and colorful things. This makes the baby curious about the world around them.

Help them learn to do things like picking up things, follow you around, listen to instructions, throwing balls etc. Appreciate them if they do something new and that way they will feel happy to be successful.


The best thing you can do to make your baby happy is to be happy yourself and with the company of your baby. Try to have a content and joyful life, because your child will sense that in you.

Once they see that their parents are happy around them, they will feel loved and be happy in return. So smile and be cheerful around your little one.

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