Taking good hot showers in the winter seems like a great pleasure, but removing hairs from the drain doesn’t. No one likes to allocate an extra hour out of their daily routine just to take out the stuck hairs from all the drains of their house.

One of the most common ways of knowing about stuck hair (or other stuff) in the drain is that the water level starts to rise. At this time, you know that you can’t avoid the chore, you’ll have to remove the hairs to open the blocked drain. So, lets take a look at some possible solutions to this situation.

Use A Drain Catcher

Drain catcher is a revolutionary product that’ll let you catch all the stuck hair in the drain without any hassle. Drain catchers are made to pluck the unnecessary things out of a blocked drain, and you know that you’re going in the right direction when you’re investing on a specific product made just to serve the right purpose.

The hair catchers are fitted into the drain beforehand and they start catching any hair trying to pass from the drain. After you have accumulated a nice amount of hair in the catcher, you can pull it out and take all the hair out conveniently. You can buy the best drain hair catcher for a surprisingly low amount of money.

Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair properly, especially before taking a shower is the best way of keeping the hair away from sticking into the drain. Using a brush on you hair applies a specific amount of pressure on it, which pulls out any broken hair immediately. This is arguably the easiest and wisest way of keeping your drain open all the times.

Try Bread King

Bread king is a great product for the people who have somewhat long breads, and struggle to collect the hair from the ground after combing/ brushing it. If you look closely, this product basically looks like a big, but it has two suction cups to hold one side to the mirror. So, you can use one side to wear the product like a bib, and the other side can be easily stuck to the mirror to create a platform right beneath your beard to catch any falling bread hairs. Once collected on this bib like product, the hair can then be disposed off safely in a dustbin.

Make Cleaning Your Habit

We already talked about how you can use a drain catcher to accumulate the hair over time and clean the drainer once enough hair are accumulated to block the drain. But you can also make a habit of cleaning the drainer after every shower, or after using the sink for 3 to 4 days. This way, it’d take almost no time to clean the drainer and you’ll never have to worry about a blocked drain hole. So, timeliness can also save your day. Also, if you’re bathing your dog in the save tub as yours, you can place a wash cloth over the drain to prevent the hair from creating a blockage. You can dispose off the hair accumulated on the cloth easily.