A large number of couples fail to enjoy lovemaking due to one or a combination of many reasons. While erectile dysfunction is often blamed for most of the woes of couples, there are other reasons that adversely impact sex life. Your sex life is only as good as your mood. After the initial courtship or honeymoon, the mood of couples or those in a relationship are not necessarily the same. In other words, the timing of the mood is most likely to differ. No relationship is worth it, when lovemaking is forced, or if a partner is persuaded to indulge in sexual acts, despite not being in the mood. The state of arousal is complex and it is hard to expect to turn-on a partner anytime.

Gratification from a sexual act is virtually unmatched by any other sensory experience. The whole body and mind is enslaved to the act of lovemaking, when performed at the right time and for the right duration. Individuals who find the big ‘O’ elusive, are certainly a discontented lot, taking refuge in fantasies played out in the mind. However, there is hope for the discontented. Adult toys have evolved to a level where it is often much better than the real thing. Adult toys from sites such as PleasureMeasured are liberating and can help individuals regain control over themselves, and not depend on another for gratification. Additionally, these toys can help in spicing up the love life of couples, with consummating passion. Physical limitations can be easily overcome with the toys that do not compromise on the sensations.

The advances in materials and design have made it possible for makers of adult toys to develop products that are titillating to an extent, that it overshadows the ability of humans. The consistency of the materials replicates the human organ, and improvisations help to increase pleasure. Indentations, and smooth ridges on the surfaces of adult toys at PleasureMeasured can take the recipient to a level of ecstasy that is often not experienced with humans. Toys are designed intelligently to stimulate nerve endings in a manner that can quickly take an individual to unknown heights of pleasure. The ability of advanced materials to combine a smooth surface with the right hardness can give a sensation that lasts really long. Females can enjoy multiple orgasms with dildos and stimulators that will not run out of steam.

The advanced designs go beyond mere physical dimensions or replications, with designs offering functions and features that make self indulgence a better option. The act of lovemaking is best experienced when the erotic zones and nerve endings are stimulated. This needs to be carried out with the right amount of pressure, the correct frequency of movements, and by frictionless surfaces that trigger sensations. Human organs are intended to achieve this, but various reasons ensure that this does not happen as desired. This could be the lack of sex drive, tiredness or the inability to sustain an erection long enough to ensure that the partner completes enjoys the session. This leaves females unsatisfied while the male satiates his pleasure with a quick orgasm.

With adult toys that come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and features, females can now take the pleasure to levels that were not known earlier. The adult toys available at PleasureMeasured.com are partners in a journey of discovery as pleasure delivers heights of ecstasy. Stimulators can send females into high levels of excitement that can last really long. Most females make do with short bursts of energy from partners, and crave for longer durations. Adult toys can bridge this gap by helping partners to fulfill each other’s desires by using the toys for good effect, and in a creative manner. This can then be followed by performing sexual acts directly, which will help to increase the passion between the sheets. This will spice up the proceedings and help both partners to climax at the right time. Prolonged sessions are a rarity these days, and with the right toys partners can extend sessions for as long as desired without having to end up totally exhausted. Partners can now relax in the arms of their beloved after a completely fulfilling and intensely gratifying session.