In especially dense places, junk builds up at an almost shocking rate. Places like New York City, and Manhattan specifically, produce a great deal of garbage at an extremely impressive rate. In areas as large and bustling as this, the only way to truly take care of junk properly is by utilizing a junk removal company.

Manhattan, alone, produces over 200,000 tons of garbage every year. Unfortunately, a great deal of this garbage ends up in waste disposal sites and dumps. This is not good because the reality is, so many of these items can be discarded in a more beneficial and eco-friendly way. A great deal of the trash that is dumped can be either recycled, reused, or refurbished.

Essentially, to create a better trash disposal system, we need to stop so much trash from going into landfills. The amount of stuff that is going into landfills in this day and age is incredibly dangerous. The combination of all the items in landfills, over time, produces methane, which is a greenhouse gas. This gas contributes to climate change and is not good for the environment. However, we are contributing to creating greenhouse gases by overfilling our landfills.

Additionally, living near landfills or having a community near landfills can be harmful to their health. Research done by the International Journal of Epidemiology concluded, as of 2016, that those who live within five miles of a landfill could be at a higher health risk. This is why it is essential that waste is correctly disposed of, and awareness about proper waste disposal is spread. It is not just a future issue or a future problem. It is an issue that is impacting us now and could be devastating to communities.

There are currently four active landfill sites within the vicinity of Manhattan. One is in Long Island, the other, In Brooklyn, the other, New York City, and the last, in Edgewater. It is necessary to raise awareness about why just thoughtlessly dumping garbage of any sort into these landfills is bad. Dumping indiscriminately is not the way that waste is meant to be disposed of, and Manhattan, as a whole, can be a much better and healthier place if the trash from the area is dealt with properly.

What does it mean to deal with the trash properly in a city setting? This is still being explored, but one necessary step forward is to employ junk removal services in Manhattan that specifically focus on eco-friendly and proper trash disposal. Unlike individual people and communities, companies that focus on disposal only have proper disposal to worry about. It is their specialty, their job, their mission. It is what they revolve around, and as a product of that, they are ready to employ creative and innovative solutions to get rid of the trash in the best manner possible.

Proper trash disposal should be an individual effort, a household effort, community effort, a corporate effort, a national effort, and a global effort. The power to properly take care of trash is in the hands of each individual and should be taken seriously.