Have you ever gone to a website looking for a product or service, only to be bombarded by a flashy website full of pop-ups and an overall busy design? These kinds of websites can be frustrating because it’s almost as if they place a maze between you and the product you want. The more obnoxious and difficult it is to navigate a website is, the less likely you will even want to do business with that company anyway.

A poorly-designed website isn’t only a problem for would-be customers; a bad user experience gets in the way of salespeople connecting with prospective leads. The last thing you – and your sales reps — want to happen with a lead is to have them end up at your website, only to be scared away by poor design choices. A poorly designed website will not only drive potential leads away, but it can also present them with doubt and uneasiness over the idea of doing business with your company. Unease and doubt means higher bounce rates and fewer leads for your sales team to follow up with.

That’s why you should always design your website with these three goals for your site in mind. The ability to:

  • Attract your leads with your website
  • Qualify their interest
  • Convert them to customers

Creating an effective website and equipping sales reps with the right engagement software are key aspects of empowering your sales teams and increasing conversion.

Here are some essential takeaways that you should always consider when designing your website.

Use Search Engine Optimization to Your Benefit

In order to draw traffic to your website, it’s important that you are using SEO best practices that use keywords to help your company’s site show up on Google search results. While SEO can seem complicated and perhaps too technical, it’s not actually that hard on the surface level. You’ll need to do your research and find out what people are searching when they are looking for your products or services. By adding those ‘keywords’ to your website, you’ll have better chances of showing up in a lead’s search results.

Of course, you could always hire a professional SEO expert to help you design and write copy for your website to ensure the best results.

Nail the Landing Page

Like most things in life, first impressions truly do matter and can make all the difference when it comes to drawing in the interest of a lead. From the get-go, your landing page should easily communicate the value that your service or product will offer to your lead.

From there, the next important step is to get the contact info of your lead. You’ll need to create a call to action that says something like “Sign up here” or “Request a free demo” with a form that they can quickly fill out. You can also do something like “Contact us today” with a contact request form. Either way, make sure that these forms are obvious and the main visual of the page.

Another way to get your lead’s information is by using LiveChat technology. With it you can easily qualify your lead and engage with them directly for best results.

Even though it may seem like lots of work, doing the above will put you on the right track to successfully draw in and convert sales leads into customers.