An aesthetically pleasing exterior can make your home stand out in Denver, Colorado and anywhere else in the world. Your home’s exterior is vital, which is why homeowners like you would exert time and effort in improving it. Using stucco is probably one of the ways to improve your home.

Stucco is a durable material made from mixing cement, lime, sand, and water. Stucco is usually used to create a modern finish to a home’s exterior, but stucco contractors Denver can also produce different textures to generate different looks for your home.

But regardless of how durable your stucco is, it can still get damaged over time. Surface moisture and hydraulic pressure can cause your stucco to weaken and crack. Once this happens, look immediately for top-rated stucco repair in Denver, Colorado. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Look For Multiple Contractors

For a homeowner who is concerned about how the house looks, seeing damage to the stucco can be stressful. However, no matter how stressed you are, you should never hire the first stucco repair you come across. Letting your stress influence your decision on choosing a contractor can only result in bigger problems and stress.

Once you’ve noticed that your stucco incurred damages, scout for several stucco repair Denver or other contractors who provide the same service in your area. Utilize the internet to do a quick search or ask for recommendations from your friends and family. You should be able to choose from at least three contractors.

2. Ask For Bids

On average, you will spend around $562 to $1,921 to have your stucco repaired. The use of high-end materials for the repairs will cost more. If you don’t want to waste this amount when hiring contractors, take the time to ask for their bids.

Reach out to the contractors you’re eyeing to hire and request for an estimate. Provide as many details as you can about the condition of your stucco. Details that can possibly affect the condition of your stucco should also be relayed to the contractors.

Who installed the material? How old is your stucco? Is your location prone to strong winds and rains? The more information you give to the contractors, the easier it’ll be for them to create an estimate.

Once the contractors provide an estimate, pay attention to the details and ask questions if computations seem vague to you. Terms should be stated clearly, and any additional costs and how these are computed should be indicated in the estimate, too.

Doing these allows you to compare the prices, skills, and estimated timelines of several contractors. Although essential, keep in mind that the cheapest contractor doesn’t always warrant value. Take the time to compare the bids sent to you so you can choose a contractor that allows you to reduce costs for stucco repairs in the long run.

3. Request For References

By this time, the number of stucco repair contractors on your list might have reduced in half. From ten, your options might be down to around five or four after asking for their bids.

To scrutinize the remaining contractors, reach out to them and request for a list of their references. A reputable contractor will be proud of the projects they’ve completed and customers they’ve helped in the past. So if the contractor you’re talking to doesn’t cater to this request, immediately cross them off your list. This is usually a red flag of an unreliable contractor.

After getting the list, randomly call some of the contractor’s previous customers. Inquire how the contractor handled the project from start to finish. Since these people have firsthand experiences with the contractor, they can provide accurate information on the services and products offered by the contractor.

By asking previous customers about their experience, it’ll be easy for you to manage your expectations and determine who the best contractor is.

4. Set An Appointment

Aside from the products and services of the contractor, their customer service should be one of your deciding factors. Hiring a cheap stucco repair contractor who doesn’t show respect to you as a customer or provide prompt response to your queries can only result in stress. This kind of service isn’t really worth paying for.

This is one of the reasons why you should set an appointment with the contractors before choosing who to hire. Meeting the contractors in person can be your opportunity to assess how well they treat their customers and how sincere they are in providing stucco repair products and services.

Leave It To The Pros

Regardless of how minor the damages in your stucco are, you should never choose to repair it yourself. You don’t have the professional experience and necessary tools to do the repair yourself. Relying on DIY solutions can also put your safety at risk and require more time.

Opt to work with top-rated stucco repair contractors. Paying for their services is cost-effective as it ensures high-quality and long-term solutions.