If you are staying at a hotel and you get the feeling that your activities are being recorded, stay calm. You don’t have to panic. This way, odds remain in your favor. Still, you have to sweep your area to make sure everything is alright. We are going to show you how you can sweep the area, including the use of a tracking app like cocospy.

You have to think of it as riding in a car and putting the seatbelts on. Yes, there are chances you don’t need it actually, but you will be glad if you put them on. Following, we are giving quick guidelines on how to act on your suspicion.

Split the Room into Different Sections

You have to stand in the center of the room and split it into different quadrants. Once you have your section, you have your starting point before taking out the hidden camera detector like cocospy. Now you better go through every section one at a time and clear it. Don’t worry; we are giving you, so tips for doing it successfully. Doing so will help you clear every section without even skipping one single detail.


Don’t just panic and start right away. Instead, you need to take your time and make some basic observations about the room. You need to see whether you have duplicate items or not. This can be anything, the clock, smoke detector or even the coffee pot.

Check and see if there are some unusual hotels in the ceiling. Moreover, do you find one, Check the appliance and see if you find some exposed wiring, any suspicious light or anything that isn’t normal.

Check Every Outlet

Here is the fact, every surveillance device needs a power source. It doesn’t matter whether it’s powered by an outlet or a battery; the culprit has access to your room. The thing about cameras on the battery is they don’t have a long lifespan. But the ones that use an outlet can run for a long time.

So, you better conduct a sweep of the outlet and identify everything which is plugged into the outlet. You have to pay close attention to something plugged in and seems out of place.

Surveillance Equipment

Here is the thing about video surveillance equipment. It will be placed in a way which will provide the best opportunity o capture footage. If this is a video surveillance device, then it is aimed at the bathroom in front of the dress where someone will change their dress. Worse, it might be aimed at the camera.

So, you have to take a step back and check all the choke points or high traffic areas. You have to identify them and start checking these points first.

The usual areas are bathroom door, front door and hallways, you need to take special care with them. You have to pay attention to areas where you would like to converse with someone.

Put Your Smartphone to Use

You need a Hidden Camera Detector App like Cocospy at your disposal. This is a cellphone tracker app. This app is featured in several publications like Android Authority, Life Wire, CNET, TechRadar and others. It is used and loved by millions of users around the globe.

It has top of the line features including track and recording live calls. You can also track and read target’s messages. Moreover, you are also able to tap into their social media and track it in real time. You can track GPS location in real time.

Furthermore, you can access to their address book and calendar. Lastly, you can get remote control access of their smartphone.

Spyware apps require you to jailbreak or root your device. Fortunately, this is not the case with cocospy. You can easily use it with Android and iOS device. You don’t need to be a tech geek to use this app.

Just download it from official website and install on both your and the target device. If you want the best user experience, you better get the paid version, it comes with several additional features. Physically access the target device to install it and make sure you hide the app.

Call in Help

If you have tried your best, but you are unable to find the camera then its time you call in professional help. Don’t worry; there are many service providers who will walk into your room and find the recording or surveillance device for you. Yes, it might incur some costs but its worth every penny.