The graphic tee will never go out of style. There always seems to be a time and a place where you can wear your favourite graphic t shirt – even if it’s to the office. Might not sound like it could work, but if designers like Raf Simons have taught us anything it’s that the graphic tee can be dressed up even for the runway – with the right accompaniments.

And if you’re worried about wearing a generic t shirt that can be found anywhere, then why not consider designing your own custom t shirt? That way you can be sure that a) the shirt matches your personal style and taste and b) that it will fit perfectly with your outfit. Learn more about getting your perfect custom t shirt by visiting your local silk screen printer.

Here are some ways you can dress up your beloved graphic tee.

Wear it Beneath a Blazer

The most obvious choice is to pair your graphic t shirt with a single-coloured blazer (one without a pattern). You can tuck the t shirt into a pair of dress pants or dark-wash jeans to heighten your style. Finish off the set with a nice pair of rockin’ high heel sandals that show you mean business.

Pair it With Neutral Coloured Trousers

This look is a little more minimalist than the above one, as you’ll be relying mostly on the contrast between your trousers and your t shirt in order to create your fashion statement. Finish the look off with a pair of barely-there sandals and a purse that use loud colours to stand out.

Match it With a Skirt

Whether patterned or neutral, a skirt can really dress up your graphic tee to make it look like you’re ready for a cute date or even a casual Friday at the office. Longer skirts can give you more of a cute, relaxed-look, but paired with the right accessories you’ll be ready for any kind of outing. Try flats, sandals, or wedge heels with knee and ankle length skirts.

Pencil skirts are a little more done up and can look great with a clutch and ankle strap heels.

Try the Crop-Top Look

Crop tops are coming back into style, along with a number of other items that you’d find people wearing back in the 90s. Consider reusing an old graphic t shirt by cutting it along the tummy and creating your very own stylized crop top. You can match this with high-rise jeans or a pencil skirt and some ankle booties.

(Speaking of the 90s, denim jackets are back in style as well, so don’t forget to try that with your graphic tee instead of a blazer.)

Top it All off with a Hat

Hats can dress up any outfit, especially when it comes to graphic tees. Stick with more formal hats like a fedora or panama to give your outfit a truly stylish look.

When it comes to graphic t shirts there are actually a number of looks you can go for – it’s all about finding the one that works best for you. That’s why getting a custom t shirt can help you complete any look for any occasion, and is the best choice when it comes to showing off your love of graphic tees.