What’s the fun in driving cars if we can’t sometimes explore their acrobatic potentials? With the perpetual movie displays of out-of-this-world stunts with cars, it is only natural to desire to be a part of that fun. Unfortunately, we discover that the driving lessons we probably attended never taught us how to do more than drive safely on the road. The functionality and routine were well thought, but the pumped part was never mentioned. Safety first was the whole theme of the boring driving lessons all through.

How do we then break out of the chain of traffic laws/ straightforward driving and get to experience what it would be like being fast and furious in cars? Stick pretty much to this article; it will be uncovered. The experts, in fact, claim so many of the things they do in the car stunt world aren’t some supernatural or very hard kind of stuff, and their cars don’t have unique features. Most times they even make use of stick shifts otherwise known as manual vehicles. We would consider that archaic and unsophisticated isn’t that?

Before we delve into the world of car stunts, here are a few things you need to know

Stunt driving might be a little risky art

It always is a beautiful sight watching people or being able to go beyond the regular with your automobiles. As movie actors, stunt drivers are the only set of people who are exposed to the risk of death while on set. Every amazing thing has a price we would agree. The interesting thing is mastery mostly dwindles almost to nothing the risk of getting fatally injured from stunting. Experience here could be a major shield.

Learn before you get into it

As stated earlier, mastery is the best coverage when it comes to dangerous games like this. Consult the services of professionals who know the in and out of what you are about to get into. Research is crucial to get this part correctly. Respected stunt trainers should be consulted you should be willing to learn physically at driving school’s essential drivers training.

Here are a few other things you should probably get before delving into car stunts

  • Get your driver’s license
  • Get a stunt screw
  • Build a profile as a stunt driver
  • Find a stunt school

Here are some essential car stunts to master

  • Burnouts
  • 360 spin
  • Sideways drift
  • Handbrake turns

360 spin

A 360 spin is not as difficult as you would think it is. As simple as it might seem, it is advisable to start little by little before advancing and trying it in a grander more elaborate way. What is generally advised that you have is a stick shift car having a gearbox and a hand brake. It is the best car to use for this purpose.

Begin with a small circle, start driving in the little circumference and gradually expand it bit by bit while also increasing your speed. What you should be looking out for initially is making a flawless circle. Make sure the car doesn’t understeer. Man the clutch by stepping on it and pull the brake. When the rear end begins to slide, you can then release the brakes.

To stop spinning, quit stepping on the pedal and take your foot off the clutch and then straighten out the wheel at the same time.

Sideways drift

You must have seen this stunt in movies where one car apparently in a chase scene pushes against the other, and one would usually be at the receiving end of the hit. Here is how to do this with your car without necessarily hitting another person’s car on the road. Flick the wheel in a direction while the vehicle is in motion and quickly turn the car the direction you want. To quit the side slide, you only need to step on the accelerator. Whether this stunt would work effectively depends on the make and kind of car you are using for the stunt.

Handbrake turn

There is no better way to make a rugged entry than with this driving stunt. It’s pretty simple to pull off. A few movements of the leg and hand would just do. Start with the first gear as you did with the side slide, flick the wheel again. You would move sideways, as you move, depress the clutch, disengage the handbrake and you will automatically go in the direction you glided from at first.
What it takes to become a stunt driver

There are a few essential qualities to possess as a great stunt driver. Stunt driving being a perilous game requires a bit of mindfulness and personal traits covering up for maybe little amount of risk involved. These personal traits are not at all related to dexterity all the time though they may account for the quick development of dexterity at stunt driving. These traits include


This goes along with calmness and optimum concentration. Ability to manage pressure is also important. A stunt driver needs to be able to manage pressure because regardless of the atmosphere all needs to go well as the opposite of that might prove catastrophic.

A stunt driver must also be detail oriented.

This a bit tied to meticulousness; it requires paying attention to every minute detail. It’s a sensitive and risky adventure, and it should be accorded the same sensitivity even down to the minutest details. Anything could account for accidents while carrying out stunts.

Stunt driving is a really pleasurable event when done appropriately and under the right conditions. There’s no better way to unlock fun while driving. Though the risks may generally seem to be much it still always remains a great experience. We would agree the conventional kind of driving also has its risks. Meticulousness, right tutelage, sufficient practice is what marks a great stunt driver; when all this are put in place it’s fun all the way.