If there is anything most people wholeheartedly invest in is their sleep. After a long hard day, the only thing that can fully comfort you is your bed. Once you lie on it, the rest of the world seizes to exist. This is the reason why it is important to make sure that your mattress is as comfortable as possible. Comfort brings peace of mind.

It is because of this that manufacturers have gone a step further to make your sleeping experience even more satisfying. They have done this by fusing mattresses with the element copper and surprisingly, people love it. It is definitely giving sleep a whole new definition.

The element copper is scientifically known for many health benefits. It improves your immunity, it protects cognitive function, it increases bone benefits, provides relief from arthritis, boosts skin healing, boosts melanin production and so many other benefits. It is now being used in mattresses to help people sleep better.

Copper and Sleep

Right now most mattress manufacturers are taking pride in their copper mattress. These mattresses have gained massive popularity and their market demand is unbelievable.

Copper mattresses have been said to help people sleep better as it provides a lot of benefits which include;

1. It is Clean

Our mattresses usually absorb up to one million bacteria and micro-organisms in a year. Considering that most people go straight into their beds when they come from work, while others sleep with their pets, it is impossible to prevent this bacterial deposit from happening.

Copper has antibacterial properties which serve as good protection from these harmful organisms. In return, you end up having a clean sleep on your copper infused mattress.

2. You get to enjoy a cooler night

Trying to sleep when your body is feeling hot and uncomfortable is very uncomfortable. This can be caused by various factors such as age, gender or if you are sharing the bed with someone else.

Sleeping on a copper mattress makes the uncomfortable heat go away. This is because copper has heat dispersing properties which ensure you have optimal temperatures when you sleep.

3. It is Natural

Copper is not some chemical form made in a lab somewhere that may have unknown long-term side effects on a person. It is a naturally occurring element with original properties that do not expose you to any toxins. This also means that the effects copper has on your sleeping routine are long lasting since all of its properties are part of its DNA.

Comparison between a Copper Mattress and Other Types of Mattresses

There are many different types of mattresses in the market today and each of these has unique properties that make it different from other types. The following are a few of these types compared to a copper mattress.

The innerspring mattress

This mattress is made using a steel coil support system. They were part of the earliest types of mattresses before the new technology took over. They are still, however, the most popular type of mattress today. They have several benefits such as they have various firmness options, they are widely available and they are easy to transport.

When compared to the copper mattress, we find that the innerspring mattress does not provide any healthier options. Considering it is made of metal, it does not exactly contribute to heat regulation as the copper mattress does.

The Natural Fiber Mattress

This one is the most eco-friendly mattress in the market right now. While most of us keep making strides in polluting our environment, this mattress tries to fix what we are doing wrong. They come in various options depending on a person’s lifestyle. There are organic wool and organic cotton, Hemp for those living a vegan life, coconut coir, bamboo, and latex.

When compared to the copper mattress, we can see that the organic wool mattress has heat regulation properties like the copper mattress. Also, all these mattresses are made of natural compounds hence they do not expose someone to toxins, just like the copper mattress.

The Memory Foam mattress

These mattresses are famous for how they engulf someone when they are sleeping making them feel snug and comfortable. The sink in when someone lies on them and when you finally stand up, they quickly go back to their original form. It has benefits such as providing proper spine alignment, reduced dust mites and allergens, pressure point relief and so many more.

When compared to the copper mattress, we can see that they both promote healthier sleep and comfort. However, the foam mattress sinks hence it is not as firm as the copper mattress.

In conclusion, it is clear that technology keeps taking a lot of steps forward and the copper mattress is definitely a good innovation.