We all want change in our living space now and then for the sake of having a different look as it can get monotonous quickly. Having the same decoration might not any longer appeal to the eyes. Living areas are for family chats and a refreshed morning. It does need a makeover sometimes. But what to do if you are on a budget and do not have thousands to spend on makeover?

Doing makeover on a budget requires patience. You need to think about reusing everyday home products in a new way. We are giving some tips to do so that you do not have to go through brainstorming.

Hang some sweet memory

It is a very trendy thing right now but does not require much. You can showcase your favorite family photo or something very close to your heart through this. Some souvenirs beside family photo would not hurt as well.

If you want to put the frame, then stick to one color scheme with every photo. It will make the look a little cohesive to the eyes. If you hang these types of memory on the wall, people who are in these photos will feel special as well.

Reuse old stuff

Using old stuff for your house is an excellent choice for decluttering the sight. Some of us have a piece of jewelry or basket that looks too old, but you do not want to let it go. Memories are hard to let go. So you can paint them in the new color and preserve as a décor piece. If the comfortable modern sofa is in your house looks old then try to add colorful pillows to balance out the lack of interest in the sofa.

There are a lot of ways to give an old thing a new look. If the coffee table does not look good to you, then you can change the color. Changing its color will change the way it looks as well. You can make stripes with painting or blend the color with other furniture.

A splash of nature does not hurt

As a plant hobbyist, I could not resist suggesting to add plants in your living room. It is cheaper than a lot of décor pieces. But the way it changes the look of a living room is unexplainable. The room instantly looks fresh and beautiful.

If you consider yourself not a perfect caregiver of plants, then you can get a flower vase and put a fresh flower in it. But do not lose hope yet as there are plants that are hard to kill even without care. You can buy them.

What is life without drama?

We all have one color choice for a living room that is gray. Some people go for white but as white gets dirty most of the people stick to the gray. It makes all feel like everyone have the same living room. Change the cushion covers or curtain to a bright color then see that it changes the whole look.

Give attention to the focusing point a little more like the fireplace or TV area. It will bring the entire makeover together. Also, change the living room carpet rugs and bring a fur rug to make the living room beautiful.

Use wallpaper

If you want the style of your living room looks intense, then take help from the wallpaper. But these are little expensive that cannot fit into your budget. So Use stencils and house paint for bringing elegance to the room. For a beautiful pattern, you can look around in your local crafting stores.