Now that autumn has well and truly arrived, why not update your home to give it a warmer, cosier feel?

The darker nights and colder days can leave you feeling tired and miserable. However, updating the décor can help you to really embrace this beautiful season while also giving the home a more stylish look. Here, you’ll discover some of the best tips for decorating your home for Autumn.

Hang an autumn wreath

autumn wreath
You can start your autumn décor at the very entrance of the home by hanging a beautiful autumn wreath on the door. You can either make one yourself, or if you’re not very artsy, you could always buy one readymade. While they aren’t as popular in the UK, autumn wreaths are huge in America, especially in the lead up to Halloween.

The right autumn wreath can make a huge difference to the exterior of the home, though you could also hang them indoors too to give it that additional autumnal feeling.

Changing the colour scheme

Changing the colour scheme
If you don’t have a huge budget to decorate the house for autumn, simply changing the colour scheme could be a great idea. Giving the walls a coat of burnt orange, brown or a wine-red paint will create a significant change without it costing a fortune.

You could also change up the colours of your home furnishings too, adding a thick autumn-coloured throw to the sofa for example. This helps to add warmth as well as autumn style into the home.

Upgrade the furnishings

Upgrade the furnishings
Speaking of furnishings, now’s a great time to change up your cushions, curtains, throws and bedding. For the cushions, all you really need is replacement covers in an autumn colour scheme. The spring and summer style covers can then be stored away until next year.

Switching thin curtains for thicker, longer ones is also recommended. Not only will this add to the autumn theme, but it will also keep the home much warmer in the colder months. You could even find you start to use less energy to heat the home, in turn saving you money.

Invest in Christmas lighting

Christmas lighting
To make the autumn months feel extra-magical, why not invest in stylish, elegant Christmas lights? You’ll find a great selection of luxury Christmas lights from stores like Cox & Cox.

It may seem a little early to be putting up Christmas lights, but the right ones can help to make the house appear cosier in autumn. It also helps to save you money when Christmas comes around, as well as effort due to the lights already being up.

As you can see, it couldn’t be easier to decorate the home with an autumn theme. Why not follow the tips above and see just how cosier, warmer and magical the home feels.