Perhaps you see pages or posts on Instagram and Pinterest of perfectly furnished and decorated flats. Then you realize that none of it fits into your personal style. You are never the person who would have a white, grey, and gold themed living room with soft tufted ottomans. Much less would you contrast thick fur throws on leather couches?

Yes, a lot of home design and home décor follows the rules put into the industry decades ago. Many of those rules still work today, such as layering textures or enhancing space visually with lighting. That doesn’t mean that these guidelines work for every single person. Always use your personal style to create a space that you love and makes you feel at home.

For the Horror or Goth Inspired

Not everyone is about scented candles and fluffy pillows. Just as not every fluffy pillow is white or pink. Horror has been on the rise for a number of years, and many people live in Halloween Glamour all year round. Fortunately, you can create a gorgeous living space that embodies your love of things slightly dark or moderately twisted. Okay, maybe a lot twisted.

To implement this look, try making use of the natural elements within your home. Things such as dried flowers can have a haunting effect while also not being outstandingly creepy. Frame dried arrangement or leave them in a vase for a truly Addams family touch.

Next, look for lost-in-time textures, and that can mean varying fabrics or metals. Brass and wrought-iron have lost their power in the kitchen and bathroom where once they were stunning. Much of the goth and horror motif relies on a call to the past when times seemed less certain.

For the Person Still Lovin’ the 1980s

We get it, the 80s were great, and you don’t have to give them up anytime soon. Hopefully, the neon and big hair will once again come back strong. However, when it comes to decorations, the 1980s seemed a little, dull. Why? Because the home décor of the 1980s didn’t match anything else in the decade at all, so instead of opting for preppy soft print floral couch sets, take a walk on the wild side.

Use leather seats with contrasting drapes and valances to define the room. Finish these exaggerated 1980s throwbacks with a classic glass table. Updating minor aspects such as the style of metal hardware and color schemes can give you a 1980s vibe with a modern feel. Are you feeling really edgy? Make your place custom with custom neon signs or 1980s collectibles.

For the Futuristic or Sci-Fi Obsessed

There is no lack of hope for wireless charging and automated living. That said, what do you have to work with now? Those obsessed with Sci-Fi and rushing towards a more futuristic feeling today can change their space for a relatively low cost.

First, create a charging station. If you have wireless charging pads, that excellent, otherwise create a nifty corner for all of your electronics. Second, get the most out of your voice-command devices. If you have an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or anything similar, be sure to pair them with all the smart devices in your home. With a voice command, you can change channels or streaming services on your television and send text messages.

Then finally, when creating something futurist or sci-fi inspired, be sure to look at your useful appliances and fixtures. Home décor is often about how things look, but they should be functional as well. You can have motion sensing light switches, and curtains that rise and close at specified times. These are home décor options that take you one step closer to automated living.

For the Netflix and Binge Person

Everyone knows that one person, maybe you are that person, that comes home from work and sits on the couch. Then they just don’t get up until like the next day. In this case, you might say, stick to the classic home décor, they don’t need anything special. But for the serious streamer, that’s not true.

When creating a perfect tv-watching and lounging area, you need comfort and light control. Really what is more annoying than a glare across the tv screen? Extra point for smart lights that you can turn on and off from your phone.

Designing these rooms should consider the type of lighting, the height of lighting, and the type of paint in the room. High-Gloss paint is going to bounce a lot of light whereas a matte will help tone down that light.

Aspects of Design and Décor

It’s all too easy for someone to walk into a room and decide what color to paint the walls and what fabrics to use. What is difficult is decorating in a way that is meaningful for the people who will use the room frequently.

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.