It is probably the first time you are grooming your dog: or maybe you are used to this task already. Well, if the latter is the case, then you can attest to the fact that it can sometimes be a hassle. Regardless of whether or not your dog can sometimes be a nuisance when it is time for him to shower, a bath for the dog is a must. You do not want a smelly dog at your home. Remember one of the ingredients for a clean house is a clean dog. Thankfully, the market has been able to take care of that department. With the best clippers for poodles and the perfect shampoo, you can boast having the neatest and the freshest smelling dog. It all lies in the hair. Note that you should clean it at least once a month to keep it in an excellent hygienic state. The following are some of the tips that will help you keep your pet’s hair looking great.

1. Keep the fights at bay

It all starts with the basics. Most of the dogs are not willing to get soaked. There is a high probability that your dog will get pissed off and get into it with you. To avoid this, you should consider training it a little bit. Yes, it has gone a series of those, but you need one specifically for shower time. Among the best ways around it is by gradually introducing it to the bath tab while empty. If it at first has a problem you could try gifting it when it keeps calm. Eventually, the dog will get used to the idea of sitting in the tub. It is at this point that you will introduce warm water into the tub.

2. Brush your dog’s hair

Before you start cleaning your dog, make sure that you have thoroughly brushed his hair. Why is this important? Through brushing, you will be able to remove tangled hair which turns out to be very stubborn while wet. It is also a great way of getting rid of loose hair. You don’t want your drain to get clogged at this point. To read more about best dog clippers for poodles, click here.

3. Wet your dog

Once you are done brushing your dog’s hair, the next step will be to wet his hair. Be generous with the water. Wet it thoroughly as it will make the shampooing stage easier for you. You may notice that water may at times fail to break into the coat. You can use a little shampoo to cut the tension so that the fur gets covered with water sufficiently.

4. Shampoo the hair

How do you do it? You will need a sponge. The face mainly can prove to be a little challenging to shampoo. Pouring directly will lead to wastage and more so, be damaging to the skin of the dog. Small amounts will be okay. A sponge will do a great job with helping you measure out what is required.

5. Add water as you shampoo

You may find that you have trouble lathering. It is probably because you are not balancing the water and the shampoo as you are doing it. Therefore, as you add shampoo, make sure you also add water too.

6. Rub the shampoo all over

Once you have applied shampoo evenly to the dog’s hair, rub it thoroughly all over his body: this includes the muzzle, tail and even the legs. You can still use the sponge in this step as it will make it easier for you. As you do it, make sure that no stone is left unturned! You need to get rid of any bacteria that might be hiding in the hair.

7. Let the shampoo set

If you were using a medicated shampoo, which is the most advisable, you could let it stay on the fur for about 10 minutes. However, it is also essential that you read the instructions as some of the products can irritate the skin if it is let to stay too long. As you are waiting, you can let the dog have some fun. Most dogs like to run around and roll on the floor to get their minds off the fact that they are wet.

8. Rinse

You need to do it thoroughly. Rinse it with plenty of water. You can start with rubbing it out while water is pouring then proceed to let the water flow freely once the shampoo in the hair decreases. How do you know whether the rinse is good? Just like in the case with your hair, the feel needs to be squeaky. If the hair feels squeaky, then you are good to go. If not, then that means some more play with the water is required. The reason is the shampoo has not all been washed out. You cannot afford to let it stay.

9. Dry gently

Why is being gently emphasized? Remember that the chances are high that the skin of your dog is already irritated from the rubbing and shampooing. You do not want to make it worse by being too aggressive. Therefore be gentle on this one. Dry it using a dry and clean towel or better still use heat to dry it. A blow-dryer will come in handy if you want to use heat.

10. Wait for the shake

Your dog may seem ungrateful. It will still want to shake no matter how much work you have put into making it dry. So, you might want to be in a room where you wouldn’t mind a little bit of moisture on the rags or walls once the dog shakes to get rid of the remaining moisture.

11. Stay in

It is very annoying when just after you are done cleaning your dog it decides to run off and roll in the dirt. It can make all your work go to the drains especially if it is still a little bit wet. To avoid that, make sure that the doors are locked for several hours after the super bath.

Follow the guide and get to enjoy having a clean dog around you. You can once in a while decide to treat him to a hydrobath too!