One common problem that everybody faces daily, besides heavy traffic and what to have for dinner, is what to wear. On the surface, it might seem like such an easy choice to make, until you stand in front of your wardrobe and have several outfits staring back at you. At this point, you usually try to remember the last time you wore each of them, trying not to repeat outfits. Look for the cheongsam for beautiful wear.

There’s also the hurdle of picking one that blends with your current mood and mental state. Needless to say, it can be a tedious affair. To make this affair easier for you to handle, here are some tips you can use when choosing what to wear.

Plan your outfits ahead.

While this doesn’t mean you should label all the outfits in your closet for each day of the week, planning your outfits is a great way to unburden yourself of the stress of picking outfits from day to day. Plus, when you’re deciding what to wear in the future, you tend to think more clearly and make better choices. One perk of planning ahead is you’ll never be tempted to throw on an old and out-of-fashion dress just because you like the color.


One of the reasons you’re not comfortable with your dress choices may be because it’s incomplete. You should never underestimate the place of accessories in your ensemble. They can help you hold your entire outfit together, and even blend colors that would have been out of place otherwise. Additionally, accessories like hats and cute handbags can take your outfit to a whole new level, and create a look you didn’t even think of.

Go shopping.

Sometimes, you have to consider the fact that you’re having difficulty finding something to wear because you need new clothes. This can be an opportunity to buy something you will love in the long term, possibly even customised clothes like a personalised hoodie. You can only combine outfits in so many ways before you run out of ideas. You might even get away with some bland combinations. But then, sooner or later, it all gets old. You’ll know this is true when you go to online stores like Galaxy Teez and find so many different outfits that your mind immediately starts to get ideas about how you can wear them.

Get a second opinion.

Nothing can give you a bigger confidence boost than getting an opinion from someone close to you. Get advice from your sibling or friend. You should make sure that the person has at least the same fashion sense as you, or else, you’re bound to make bad fashion decisions. Thanks to smartphones, you can stand in front of a full-length mirror, take pictures, and send to them to your fashion adviser if they are far away.

Don’t be afraid to wing it.

Many of the greatest discoveries were made by accident. Even though you should plan, adhering to your pre-planned outfit scheme may keep you from stumbling on “the perfect combination.” It could be an old dress in the corner of your wardrobe that you’ve forgotten, or something your horoscope said that inspired you. Whatever it is, you should leave some room for creativity and spontaneity when dressing up.