When using a translation service, you give them the responsibility to convey the values of your company in a different language. This is a big thing, which is why you should ensure you hire experts such as AI Translate.

The reputation of your company hangs on the quality of your translated written materials, such as brochures, newsletters, presentations, and the company website. So how are you going to choose from one agency rather than another?

How to Choose a Quality Translation Agency

Know what your needs are

Before picking a translation agency, you have to be clear about what your needs are. For promotional published materials, you need a translation agency that communicates the product’s advantages and call to action correctly. Similarly, when translating an operational manual, the agency needs to understand how to be factually accurate. When shopping for language translation services, read some of their samples, and find out if they are capable of expressing your message adequately. ⠀

Take your time and know the agency better

Ask a few questions about the agency’s translation techniques; is it a’ traditional’ agency that exclusively depends on manual translations from human linguists? Or are they using computer software to help with the process? Computer-assisted translation methods rely on translation software and a terminology/glossary management system to aid with the job. Selecting human-powered translators makes the translation work more accurate and fluent. Each multilingual interpreter is an expert in one or more languages and also has a powerful command of sophisticated company, legal or medical terminology.

Quality work

The quality of the language translation services delivered by an organization will differ according to their understanding of what amounts to’ quality job.’ For instance, what quality control measures are they applying? Do editors review their translators ‘ work? Do they express the tone of the original document in the translation so that potential readers can understand it?

Find an agency that specializes in your field

The translation agency you pick should have expertise in your chosen fields. A one-size-fits-all approach would not serve your communication objectives and purposes. Not all companies can translate complicated legal or medical documents or even information technology and financial material expertly. Find an organization that works with translators who have a comprehensive understanding of the subject at hand to resonate with your target audience.

Confidentiality and Customer service

Inquire how the company guarantees your documents are safe, such as where they store your documents. Has the organization signed confidentiality contracts with its editors and translators? Does the contractor sign non-disclosure contracts for special projects? Do they comply with HIPAA? Are they insured?

Also, pay close attention to how the company responds when you request a quote or try to find out how consistent they would be in their service. For example, can they assign the same translator(s) to all your projects for the sake of maintaining tone and consistency in your written materials? What are their revision terms? These are essential questions to ask.


A good translation company also helps its clients before and after in their translation needs. To predict and handle their orders as quickly as possible, it must understand their technical and logistical limitations.