Buying a regular stereo can sometimes be tricky, but choosing a marine stereo for your boat is way harder. Throughout this article, we will go over some factors to weigh when choosing the best marine stereo for your boat as over the year marine stereos have gone through a lot of transformations.

1) Installation Space

Is your plan to replace an existing stereo? In such a case, your initial Unit will determine the size of your new marine stereo. The space left behind will greatly affect your choice, so it is almost mandatory to find a fitting stereo for the current space.

2) Power Ratings

If you have no plans to boost your speaker with an amplifier, then the next thing to check is the power rating of the marine stereo. Luckily, there are two ways to calculate the power output using Peak power and RMS or constant.

Peak power measures the highest power output of the device while in use. RMS or constant power, in this case, is the mean quantity of power the device can dissipate over time.

However, if you have chosen to attach about 4 Speakers to the stereo, you may need to purchase an amplifier for the setup and avoid causing harm to any part of the setup.

3) Features

Commonly, many marine stereos sport similar sizes and power output, and your final choice will usually come down to specs and features.

Below is a list of some of the good features you should consider when sourcing for the best marine stereo for your boat:

  • Waterproof

It is easy to presuppose that every marine stereos is watertight, but that’s not always the reality. Truly, many stereos sport watertight circuit boards that are protected against water and humidity. Beyond this, only a few are resistant to water. So, if you understand that your marine stereo will likely get exposed to water frequently, you should look at the water ratings of the device to confirm that it can beat the weather.

  • CD Player

In recent times, most users don’t expect to marine stereos to sport a CD. The same can’t be said of the millennials and you might be one of the few who still loves the good old fashioned CD’s. Then, it is expedient that you check out this feature.

  • Remotes (Wired or Wireless)

The choice is up to you but the wireless remotes are the more advanced options. Moreover, many Wireless remotes use radio frequency to function, so they do not need to be pointed at your stereo to work, and should work through obstructions like walls.

  • Device Connectivity

If you plan on using a good music device such as the iPod, mp3 players, smartphones or any other sophisticated device with your marine stereo then, it is crucial to ensure that stereo specifications support this feature. At least, an average marine speaker should have a Bluetooth and mp3 port for connectivity.

  • Satellite Radio

Ensure that the marine stereo receiver kit and antenna are in order and compatible with the boat stereo for seamless connectivity.
Finally, don’t forget that the logistics matter. When choosing a marine stereo for your boat, make sure to see what is required to mount it on your boat, are there any holes needed? Any workarounds? Any special features? Plan ahead to avoid nasty surprises.