If you will look at a group of cyclists passing by the road, you will notice that there are already ladies, who are joining them. Before, most members of such groups are usually guys. But today’s generation has changed and so, women started doing such activities, too. Anyway, cycling is an activity that is good for one’s body because it is indeed a form of an exercise. You are not required to attend the group’s journey, anyway, especially when you are busy working. At least joining them from time to time would be a great way to enjoy your social lifestyle.

Most of the time you join a group of cyclist because you have common goals. Let’s say that you all wanted to different spots, recording the distance and length of cycling. What is really good here is that you are all having fun and it seems like all the stress and tiresome fades away the moment you reach your destination. And then, later on, you are all going to talk about again your next journey.

Will you go near the ocean, parks or mountains? Everything will be decided by the group, anyway.

Now, as a woman, who is very much interested in cycling, you should have your own urban or hybrid bike to use. And then, make sure that this bike suits your needs well. Why do you need a hybrid bike and not just any other type? When you think of a bike, all you can say it that it is something that you can use to ride as a commuter. But you need more than that, so that it can fit in any environment.

A hybrid bike usually comes with flat handlebars. It is also designed for an upright riding position that would make it easier for you to check on your surroundings as you cycle, especially when there is traffic. It is also built with a road-style lightweight frame. Through this you will be able to focus on your speed as well as agility. In other words hybrid bikes are designed with a combination of elements that you can find in other types of bikes. Now, how will choose the best hybrid bikes for women to use?

Basic Features

If you are going to check the tires, it must be wider. Let’s say that it’s slimmer than usual mountain bikes. It usually runs from 28 to 42c. You can also say that it is rich in eyelets because this is good for rack and mudguard attachment. It must have good disc brakes or cantilever. Again, do not forget the flat handlebars as well as relaxing sit-up position for an overall comfort.

Specific Model

The model will depend on your preference. There are manufacturers that offer tailored bikes, such as the ones with a slightly shorter or taller top tube or a unisex model. But then, a woman, who is looking for a bike that could be as an investment might go for a more specific model to choose from.

Frame Material

When it comes to the material of your bike’s frame, it is usually the same with the mountain or road bikes. There are a combination and mixture of materials like carbon-based, steel and aluminum. The materials that you should choose will depend on how often or fast you ride and where you will use it.

If you would like to choose steel, then expect it to be heavier though it offers the best comfort and it comes with aesthetic appeal. But then, an aluminum would be fine for a cheaper choice. Carbon material is a popular choice for bikes with concerned performances. It comes with a lightweight feature and powerful pedal.


The design will always depend on where you will use it and how you will use it. But of course, since you are a woman, then you would surely prefer a design that will suit your physique.

Now, if you prefer using this bike occasionally on weekends, then it would be ideal to choose the ones that are designed with slick tires, sit-up position and narrow range of gears.

When riding off-road, then it must be designed with wider tires. And then, wider and flatter handle bars. It must have good disc brakes. Lastly, it must come with a wide range of gears for maximum performance and experience.

Added Features

With the extra features that comes with your hybrid bikes, then it would be perfect for your needs. Sometimes you may be carrying more stuff, so choose the ones with more mounting points. It would be great to have eyelets for attaching fenders and mudguards.

Sometimes, you might also want to ride on a rainy day. In this situation, you should choose a bike with extra clearance between the wheel and the frame. This gap or clearance will be ideal when there is mud and wet ground.