Toilets are one of the most used system at home, especially when you belong to a big family. Let’s say that there are 5 people, using the toilet in a day. Now, how many times will each of you flush this? Some of you may even have to use it for more than 5 times and that’s when you urinate and poop. I guess, using a cheap and ordinary toilet won’t be enough and may not last long.

It is true that this is just a toilet, but it plays a significant role in your daily lives at home, workplace or wherever you are. For this reason, you should learn how to choose the best flushing toilet, especially when you have plans of installing a new one or when constructing a building or house.

I know that you may find this task quite complicated and that’s when you are not going to learn a few things that would be very necessary when choosing a flushing toilet to install. However, this is not a reason to simply choose one that is available in the market today. That’s why we have here a few tips for you to consider to help you choose the best flushing toilet that will match your needs and preferences.

Valve and Trapway

Basically, the very first things that you need to check on the specification of the flushing toilet are the valves and the trapways, which is supposed to be large enough. These two things have the greatest impact when it comes to usage and performance. Regardless of its design, these would still be a factor to be considered most. With the right choice, you can remove and flush waste effectively.

Actually, the standard size for this is 2 inches. However, for a more powerful flushing toilet, they have a larger size, which ranges from 3 to 4 inches. For a big family, it is ideal to choose a larger size for a better experience and performance.

Bulk Removal Specification

Do not fail to check the specifications listed when choosing a flushing toilet. One thing that you should not miss looking for is the rating for the bulk removal. Indeed, manufacturers do not usually specify this matter, but it would be great to choose the one with this rating.


Today, pre-engineered toilets are already available. They would like you to not only experience the ease and convenience of using your toilet. That’s why they have also learned to come up with a toilet that will allow you to use less water. This is actually beneficial to big families and numerous times of toilet usage in public places. Due to the advanced technology, they were able to combine the gravity assist and innovation in removing waste.

I bet, you know how much water is consumed when flushing waste, right? How many gallons per flush do you use every day? Traditional and conventional models can consumes 2.5 gallons per flush. But due to engineering and innovative designs, you can now avail a toilet that can only use 1.5 gallons per flush. This is a good way to save some water and energy as well.


Now, you should also think about how comfortable you are when seated on the toilet. I know that there would be some issues and concerns, especially when it comes to your height. But do not ignore your personal preferences because this will be the one that can make you feel comfortable. Will you go for the traditional or a comfort height toilet?

Well, if you are choosing to be used in a new house that is still in the plan, then I suggest you to install bathrooms with a different height of toilets for the comfort of other users, too. In this case, you will use your throne and the others may use whatever is comfortable for them.

Design and Size

The last thing that you may consider is the design and the size of the flushing toilet. When it comes to the design, you may always leave this as a personal choice. Whatever design that looks good to you may be selected, since you find it good. Any visual element, such as texture, colors, shapes, lines and curves will depend on how you look at it, though you may refer this to your designer as well. The standard design is usually elongated shaped bowls because it is comfortable.

When it comes to the size, just make sure that this is not too big for the bathroom. You are also going to install other stuff in the bathroom, right? So, I suggest you to provide a space for the flushing toilet as well as the space for the user. If the space is compact, then better choose a smaller model, but make sure to still go with the specifications to not affect the overall performance.