On the hunt for replacement windows in Austin TX?

Many homeowners are making the smart decision to upgrade to energy efficient replacement windows to improve their curb appeal, make spring cleaning easier, maintain home comfort, and increase the efficiency of their HVAC system.

Fortunately, today’s homeowners have choices in different designs, styles, and sizes. Plus, energy efficient replacement windows also are made from a variety of materials to that are durable and affordable.

Naturally, the highest in quality energy efficient windows offer homeowners the highest levels of performance but at higher costs. While it’s true that it’s smart to purchase the best windows you can afford, there are also less costly replacement window options such as the ever popular vinyl replacement window.

Although the purchase of new replacement windows may scare you, rest assured that it pays off in the long term. Take a look

Why You Invest in Replacement Windows

It’s customary to have a budget for all your home remodel projects. However, when it comes to investing in new windows, opt for quality over the cost.

This focus on quality is essential because the quality of your replacement windows directly impacts your overall energy usage. The more energy efficient that your new windows are, the less energy you’ll consume. Of course, that reduced usage translates into lower monthly fees.

Quality energy efficient replacement windows also beautify your home, lower your home repair costs, up your home’s appraised value, and (most importantly) better protect your family from those summer Texas storms

Factors When Choosing Replacement Windows in Austin TX

As mentioned earlier, various factors such as the materials used, design, and style help determine the efficiency of your new windows. Therefore, these factors are critical considerations to pay attention to as you are planning this project.

Window Design and Style

Texans live a casual, laid-back lifestyle, and windows in Austin TX reflect that vibe.

With true Texas style, Austin homeowners prefer double-hung windows that make cleaning easier, slider windows to catch the breeze on warm spring days, and bay windows to take in the landscapes.

Window Frame Materials

Not surprisingly, the most popular window frame material is care-free vinyl being aluminum While vinyl windows are a top-seller, here are several options you’ll find as you shop—and the pros and cons of each.

  • Aluminum window frames are durable and affordable. However, they are great conductors of hot and cold energies, a fact which makes them less desirable than vinyl. Additionally, they can darken from corrosion over time.
  • You can’t beat the traditional good looks of wood frames when it comes to enhancing your curb appeal. However, wood requires diligent maintenance to prevent small cracks from developing into rot over time.
  • Fiberglass frames are considered among the strongest of frame types, along with vinyl frames. They’re superior when installing enormous windows because they weight that goes along with those massive sizes. Also, you can paint fiberglass windows, making them a fantastic choice for the DIY lover who wants to keep up with the hottest color trends. The con? They are more costly than virtually all other window frame types.
  • As mentioned earlier, vinyl window frames are the top choice of Texans thanks to their durability, budget friendly price tag, and superior insulation properties. They come pre-painted, so they are maintenance free.

Added Conveniences that Come from New Windows

When you invest in new windows, you’ll immediately be relieved of the upkeep that was required of your old windows, especially if you had wood window frames.

Also keep in mind that updated windows have upgrades like tilt-in sashes that make them simpler to clean, locks that are easy to engage, and are easier to open.

One consideration you may not have thought of is the soundproofing that you’ll experience. The same properties that cushion you from the elements will also buffer the noise and keep that road noise outside.

The Wrap-up

New windows represent a significant cost, there’s no way around that. Consider that once you make that purchase, you will have a home that’s better protected from the elements, more attractive, and added convenience.

Those are the factors which are priceless.

Author Bio: Dan Hatcher’s the owner of zenwindowsaustin.com. He’s a lifelong Texas sports fan who is eagerly awaiting the first pitch of the new baseball season. Go Astros!