Buying glassware is not a difficult thing when you know what you are looking, but if this is new territory for you, it could be a daunting task. The more you search, the more you realize that there are tons of different styles, decors, and types to choose from.

5 Tips That Will Help You Select the Perfect Glassware for Your Drink

1. Decide Which Kind of Glass You are Looking for

Are you looking for a beer glass, cocktail glass, or wine glass? Each of these types of glasses has specific characteristics you need to watch out as you choose. The shape of the glass helps in intensifying the features of your drink, such as the sparkle, color, top foam, smell, and even taste. The better your glass captures the aroma, the more enjoyable your drink is.

2. Choose the Right Quality

Unique glassware quality depends on two main things. First is the brilliance and clarity, and the second is the durability. Clarity of the glass shows the authentic color of your drink without discoloring it. Crystal glass gives the best clarity because of the high reflex index. This gives your drink a sparkle. This glass is also strong, but it will not be as durable as regular glass, but regular glass does not shine the same way.

3. Try Unique Glassware

Some of the best glassware to have in your collection is handmade glass. They are unique and will blow you away with the design. This is mostly a traditional technique, but some glassmakers still use this method to craft some of the most unique glass designs. Using unique glassware makes drinking a whole new experience.

4. Storage Space

If you live in the city, you might be limited to the amount of space you have to store your glasses. Wine glasses, for example, are bulky and awkward and need you to have enough storage. You might want to use their unique orientation and store them one up, one down, to save some space. Have in mind exactly how many glasses you can accommodate, so you don’t end up storing some on your kitchen counter.

5. Think About Cleaning

Have you considered how you will clean your glasses? This is usually not on top of anybody’s list, but it should be. Crystal glassware is the best in terms of transparency and sparkle, but it requires you to be careful while washing. It is also porous than regular glass and will absorb odor if not cleaned properly. Also, you have to hand wash it and dry it. If you are not willing to take on this task, you might want to buy regular glassware.


Glassware requires you to be careful in your handling. If you are accident-prone, get a sturdier glass. Broken glass is a messy occasion. Consider getting them easier to clear, store and sturdier glass will take away the headache as they are less likely to break. However, be prepared for any eventually.