Being a homeowner can be a lot of work. You start learning how to fix things like leaks that you never thought you would need to before.

One of the most critical parts of your house is your roof. It keeps you dry when it rains and warm during a storm. When you have a roofing issue, it’s a good idea to contact a trustworthy roofing contractor.

We have compiled a list of suggestions for choosing an excellent roofing contractor. These tips may end up saving you a lot of time and money. Keep reading to learn what they are.


Do you have a friend or family member that has had their roof fixed recently? If so, make sure to ask them who they used and if they had a positive experience.

If they did, that’s a contractor that you want to follow up with and include in your potential hiring list. If they had a terrible experience, you know who not to use. If you can’t think of any friends or family members that have had roofing issues lately, it’s still a good idea to ask around. Some of them may know someone that has and can send you their contact information.

A referral is always a great way to know if you can trust the contractor and if they do great work.

Online Reviews

Reading what others say about roofing contractors online is a great way to know how good of a company they are. The Better Business Bureau gives ratings from past customers that are open and honest. Read them, and find out if they have solved any have similar issues to what you are dealing with.

Sites like Yelp and Facebook are also helpful places to find reviews. They will have a list if you type roofing contractor and your location into the search bar. Contractors such as J&R Long Island Roofing will appear.

Licensing and Insurance

Licensing and Insurance
It’s essential that the contractor has the appropriate licensing and insurance for each employee. This will ensure that if anything happens, the contractor and the homeowner will not be liable.
If the contractor does not have this paperwork and one of the employees is injured, the responsibility can end up falling back on you. Make sure not only to ask but ask them to show you the license and insurance paperwork too.

Pressure Tactic

Pressure Tactic
Some companies have a salesman technique and pressure you into signing the contract before you are ready to decide. Be aware of contractors that do this. It’s okay to say no or to ask for some time to think about it. Don’t give into the salesman.


Do you feel more confident about hiring a roofing contractor now? If you follow these tips, you will be on your way to a fixed roof in no time.

It’s important not to just call the first company you find online. Ensure they have good reviews and are a trustworthy company. For more tips on hiring a roofing contractor, contact us today.