Moving a house is a very mundane and labor-intensive task to do. Settling down in the new house is another. However, losing things or breaking your stuff is the last thing that you want to happen while moving your house or office. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable and licensed moving company.

If you are an expat in a place like Singapore, then moving is obviously a regular part of your life. It is also present in your life even if you are a local. There are a lot of moving companies in Singapore which seem legit. Although, finding licensed moving companies in Singapore requires some research.

Read on to find out the things to check before finalizing on a reliable moving company in Singapore.

Professional Movers

This is the most important thing. You should check the movers’ professionalism. Professional movers exactly know what to do and there is no hassle involved with them. They would also take into consideration your requests and demands.

Movers who have just started out are very confused and hence, they cannot cater to any special requests or needs. Professional movers will pack and store your stuff properly. They transport it well and ensure that the things inside the package do not break and remain safe. Proper movers usually come with a proper moving plan which would maximize your resources and save your time.

Check the reputation of the Movers

There a lot of moving companies in Singapore. Thus, checking the reputation of the mover company can help you decide which one to opt for. Also, it takes several years of hard work and proper customer service to build a reputation. One such company is the House Mover Singapore. It has been around for a long time.

The reputation of a company can be simply checked by reading the testimonials and customer reviews. This will give you a better idea in choosing a company. You will have to spend some time online on the web, but the research will totally pay you off.

Service Availability

Check their work timings properly. Always book a mover company which provides its services for 24 hours. Although, not all companies provide 24-hour service in Singapore, if you are searching for a proper mover company then, look for that.

Such services matter when you need to shift the house immediately. It would also help if you are a business owner and need to shift your things right away. Such movers would be convenient if there is a specific time frame that you need to move in.

Some of the moving companies in Singaporethat you should consider hiring are:

Allied Pickfords

The team comes up with a customized moving plan for its customers. They believe that each house is different and hence, each client’s need differ. They have a separate plan for the items and their packaging style as well.

One of their coordinators is always present on the site to make sure that everything is carried out smoothly. Also, your new space can be cleaned by them before you reach there.

Santa Fe Relocation

Santa Fe Relocation is like one-stop solution to everything. This is because they provide services like immigration, departure to destination services and moving. They provide services for local and global move both.

The moving company offers protection coverage, pre-move survey and custom clearance with the storage, if required. Besides that, they offer to unpack services with a handyman at the destination.


These were some of the points to remember while booking a moving company in Singapore. Also, check the company recommendations as they are the best in the market.