The Storage unit is very important for the people who are enjoying traveling or who want to shift his house from one region to another region or who have not enough space at his home to keep his all valuables safe and securely. To keep our asset safe and secure in the Storage unit we need a high temper lock with a high level of security mechanism inside. Without choosing the right lock you cannot secure your unit from theft. According to the storagefact, you need to follow 05 basic steps while choosing a lock for a storage unit.

Step 01: Decide the lock size

There are different sizes of lock available in the market. You can easily get from tiny size to extra-large sized lock. You need to think about the places where the lock will go for. If the space for adding the lock is enough for the big lock, then you should go for the larger size of the lock. The large size locks normally corrosion resistance as well as strong.

Step 02: Lock material

To make the lock for the storage unit, different types of basic materials are used. Molybdenum, Boron, Solid steel, Brass, Plastic, etc. are used to make the storage locker. Among all these materials Molybdenum is the most common and widely used materials for manufacturing padlocks. It is corrosion resistance and expensive. On the other hand boron, Brass is also corrosion resistance but not expensive.

Step 03: Types of lock:

There is a variety of lock available in the market. But the most common types of lock for the storage unit are a padlock. We can divide Padlock into two subcategories, that is open shackle padlock and closed shackle padlock. Open shackle padlock and closed shackle padlock both of these padlocks are good for securing your storage unit. The disk lock is also a common type of lock. BUS 20/70 Diskus Padlock is the market leader among all types of disk lock. If you want combination mechanism with a padlock for making your storage unit highly secured then Desired Tools have made a 04 Digit Combination Lock for you which provide you more than 10000 combinations at a time. There are also keyless lock and Bluetooth lock available in the market with a solid steel body. Among all fingerprint padlocks ,RoMech has made the best Fingerprint Padlock for you. You can also go for Bluetooth lock. This lock allows you to open from your mobile devices.

Step 04: Warranty and guaranty information:

Some lock manufacturer provides you 30 days money back guaranty for an unsatisfied customer. Some manufacturer has their own Warranty policy, so ask the seller about Warranty and guaranty information of the lock.

Step 05: Price Consideration

I think you should not go for least cost lock to protect your valuables. You can get a storage unit to lock from $5 to $10. Granit alloy steel padlock is one of the most expensive padlocks made by ABUS. So if you need a high level of security, you should ready to pay a high price.