Nothing defines a man better than his facial appearance and that, in turn, is affected by the hair on his face and head. That is why men pay particular attention to who cuts their hair. A haircut could make the difference between being recognizable or not. Some of us prefer conventional hair cuts, while the rest opt for something more avant-garde. Whichever it is, it needs to be someone we feel comfortable with. That is the reason why we have the same barber for years and some do not mind traveling hours just to be with the barber that defines them well.

As little kids, we go to a barbershop, sit still, and come out without complaining, whether we like the haircut or not. We even carry this attitude into adulthood and go about with haircuts we are not comfortable with.

Today, we will be looking at how to choose a good barber. Whether you have just moved to a city recently or you are looking for a new barber after dumping your old one, the following tips will guide you to a new path.

Choosing a new barber depends on what you want. You do not have to spend time going from barber to barber and letting them experiment on your hair before you decide on which to pick. There are some obvious signs to look out for

1. The Barber Must Be Male

Now, we understand this is not the 18th century and that men and women are both doing each other’s jobs these days, but the craft of cutting hair should be best handled by a male. He is more likely to understand your style and hair type, as well as the dissatisfaction it would bring you if he does something offbeat.

2. The Shop Must Be Buzzing

A barbershop that is too empty is an obvious sign that the barber is not the best. A good barbershop will be filled with people for haircuts. The people should want different styles and may even be of different hair types. This is enough to inform you that the barbers employed know how to handle their instruments well.

3. Tools

An expert barber will know how to handle electric clippers as well as scissors. This is because the Clippers are not suitable for every hair type. Wielding scissors demands some level of mastery and any barber that can use it is always good enough to cut any hair.

4. Range Of Products

A barbershop is a place where men come to get their hair groomed and this goes beyond getting the cut. Gels, shampoos, and dyes should never be in short supply. Also, check out the type of products used. People who know what they are doing would invest in quality products.

5. Barbers Must Look At The Business

Any barber who is going to touch your hair must have a good haircut on themselves. Their style must be one that sparks your interest or looks beyond the ordinary. A stylish barber will know just how to style your hair perfectly.

However, most times, it is not always about having a good barber. We often share the blame for having a bad haircut. Some ways to avoid that include

1. Decide On Your Style

This is a very important point. Sometimes some of us find it hard to decide on a haircut to choose and when we are asked, we may just blurt out anything or ask the barber to do as they wish. This creates great dissatisfaction, even if the haircut was done nicely as you could not even decide on what you wanted beforehand.

2. Communicate With Your Barber

Describe the style you have in mind to your barber. If possible, show him the picture of your last haircut, should you want a repeat, to make it easier for him. Be sure he understands what you want before getting started. Sometimes, we get bad haircuts because we fail to express ourselves sufficiently and that is not always the fault of the barber.

3. Listen To Recommendations

Although you should tell your barber what you want, you should also listen to his recommendations. They understand hair types and what fits people best, so he can make a recommendation, even better than what you wanted.

Choosing a good barber and getting the perfect haircut is not as difficult as you think. You just have to pay attention to the details you may ordinarily overlook. Scout’s barbershop is one of these places where you can get your hair groomed by professionals who pay great attention to give you the haircut you desire.