Working in an office can be challenging. Long working hours, adverse effects of long looking at the screen, stress overload – these are just some of the struggles that office workers might experience. So, how can you make their life more comfortable, and boost their productivity? Here are some proven strategies.

Office design

First of all, take care of providing the optimal conditions. Ideally, your employees should work in a room with a natural light source. Why does it matter? According to research, it allows them to fall asleep easier. Sleep is beneficial for productivity and concentration. Also, if there are no plants, make sure to implement them. Plants in an office significantly reduce stress at workers. As a result, they’ll feel more comfortable, and therefore their productivity increases.

Wall colors

There are not many people who know about it, but having a white coloured walls increases the number of mistakes that employees make. It’s recommended to use a blue colour because it boosts workers’ creativity.

Organize the meetings

Employees lose almost 90 hours every month on a different type of meetings. Most of them turn out to be unproductive and pointless. That’s why you should reduce their number to the absolute minimum. And once you organize them, talk about the most crucial issues only. Also, make sure that they aren’t too long. In most cases, workers have no idea what’s going on, because there’s too much information. Make sure to spend 20 minutes maximum per meeting.

Flexible working hours

Allow for more flexibility. Nobody can be fully productive for 8 hours non stop. Your workers will be happy about it, because they might adjust the schedule to their needs. Long breaks during the day have an amazing impact on people’s productivity. Employees who go to the gym during these breaks, or have longer lunch breaks are less tired and feel fresh after all day.

If you’d like to know more ways of boosting workers productivity, take a look at the infographic provided by FaxBurner: