A queen-size bed and a small room. Does that even sound like a perfect combination? Probably not. It may take several hours to figure out the perfect way to arrange a small room. And a queen size bed can only aggravate the situation. But it’s never that challenging if you combine your minimalistic approach with top-notch architectural design ideas. So, try these 5 tips to help you arrange your queen size bed in your small room easily.

1. Know the Exact Measurements of Your Bedroom

Start by taking the dimensions of your room to get an approximation of what your queen size bed will cover. You can draw the exact diagram on a paper to give you the actual picture before you start arranging your room.

Furthermore, you should know the measurements of other pieces of furniture you will include in the room and how would like to arrange them. Lastly, don’t forget to include the doorways, closets, and windows as this gives you an overview of the most probable traffic pattern in your bedroom.

2. Find the Right Bed

Queen size beds come in various designs and styles. So, find one type that will aptly solve your specific problems. While others may choose a bulky, heavy bed, you may want to try out a clean design that gives your room a modern look.

Above all, choose a top-notch design that guarantees comfort without compromising your bedroom space.

3. Push Your Bed Against the Wall

Placing your bed in the centre of your room can be tempting. But is it the right decision when working with a small space? Probably not. With a small bedroom space, putting your bed against the wall is the best decision. It helps you to free up more space in your room for other furniture pieces.

4. Maximize the Potential

Maximize the features of your queen size bed to free up space in your room. Pay attention to the additional features your bed possesses when you go shopping.

Should toddlers jump on trampolines? You could be wondering. Well, opting for a queen bed that has built-in features eliminates such worries. A queen-size bed with a bookcase headboard, for instance, relieves you from the worries of bedside tables. This helps you to maximize the already limited space in your bedroom.

5. Place Your Bed in the Room First

Your bed is probably the biggest bedroom furniture and will take the most space. By knowing where it will fit, it becomes easier to find space for other furniture pieces too. You can experiment by lying down on the bed as if you were asleep to know if that’s its best position.

Of course, your bed should leave sufficient space for getting up in the morning or at night without having to bump into other items.


Before arranging your small bedroom, you should understand its traffic pattern and how you can eliminate unwanted furniture. Of course, it appears challenging at first thought. But when you adopt the 5 tips highlighted above, you are sure to get it right at the first try.