There is simply no denying that gambling is one of the most exciting and lucrative things that you can do online today. Just look at the number of individuals that are making livings betting on the teams that they love. Not only this, but they are making money playing those classic games that they love like poker, baccarat, and keno. There really is nothing better than sitting down at a table with a pocket full of cash.

This is not to say that it won’t take a long time to amass that cash because it certainly will. However, once you do, you will reach the status of a high roller or VIP. Haven’t you ever wondered how these guys are gambling? That is exactly what you are going to discover below and more.

Getting Better Rules

The first thing that you need to understand is that casinos are here to make money. If they weren’t making money they simply wouldn’t exist. And, this is exactly why casinos are going to reward those customers that are spending more money. Blackjack would have to without a doubt be the perfect example because there are a number of sites that have better rules for high limit tables. On the other hand, the lower limit tables offer the edge in favor of the house. Here are some examples of land-based casinos. Online casinos will stick to similar layouts, but they may vary from provider to provider.

  • Aria – 0.255% house edge with $100 minimum bet
  • Golden Nugget – 1.998% house edge with $10 minimum bet

Negotiation Comes In-Play

It doesn’t even just stop there. High rollers are not only granted better advantages, but those really high rollers and VIPs pretty much have the option to set the rules for themselves. Just take Don Johnson for example. This is another instance of land-based gambling, but the rules are similar to many online providers like Baccarat Formula. Don Johnson was able to negotiate for such good rules that he literally walked away from $15 million richer. The casinos were more than willing to negotiate with him because he was betting such a high amount of money.

Lower The Houses Edge

Anyone that understands and knows anything about slots already knows that land-based slot machine payback goes up with coin denominations. What does this mean? It simply just means that you are going to get better payouts from playing higher costing machines than what you would get from the lower costing ones. Just as an example, here are some coin denominations that you could expect to see from some of the major land-based providers.

  • Penny Slots – 10% to 15% house edge
  • Nickel Slots – 8% to 15% house edge
  • $25 slots – 3% or better house edge

The only problem with this is that most of the time it is extremely difficult to find payouts like this for individual machines. The reason for this is because each different casino has the option of ordering different paybacks for different games. For instance, the MGM $25 Slots might offer better payout than the same machine located right across the street at the neighboring casino.