Being a savvy business owner means having a phone number saved in your contacts list for every emergency that could occur. This is especially important if your premises are not attached to a central business district where you would have easy access to medics, plumbers, and electricians. The most successful business owners not only think about how to run their commercial enterprise when everything is going greatbut also how to handle things that might go wrong.Carry on reading to find out what emergencies could pop up in your commercial operation.


A good plumber is one number that you should have on speed dial when you have a commercial outlet that includes a kitchen, bathroom, or outside drainage area. When you move into your shop location, find someone to call if a problem occurs with these critical areas. Many business owners don’t realize how vital a flushing toilet, working sink, and clean drains are to both customers and staff.

If for any reason the person who oversees your business premises is tardy in fixing a plumbing problem, call your own plumber to come and fix the problem instead. You can always negotiate their call out fee off the lease payments at a later date.

Walk-In Refrigerator Rentals

Another emergency you should always prepare for in advance, even if the possibility of it happening in remote, is the electricity supply shutting off. This has been known to occur, and when it does, you should have the contact details of a commercial refrigerator rental company on hand to tide you over until the problem has been fixed.

There are thousands of business operators who deal in the safe handling and preparation of foodstuffs every day. If anything goes wrong with your refrigerator units, your priority should be to take care of the significant investment that is in the food products.

Reliable And Reputable Medics

If an accident of any kind happens on your business premises, or even outside on the sidewalk, it’s an excellent idea to have the phone number of a dependable medical emergency service on hand. Nothing can damage a business’s credibility more than dialing a public access emergency number and having to wait for the call to be answered.

This can also be stretched to include security as well. Could there ever be the possibility that an incident arises where you might need an emergency medical assistance service or security service at the business where you operate? If there is a remote chance, have the contact details of a couple of the best facilities in your area on hand to call if the need ever arises.

If you read many business reviews online, you will see that customers appreciate it when a commercial outlet goes the extra mile to perform a particular service. Remember to prepare your business for any eventuality and emergency—it will make your operation stand out in the right way.