Valentine’s Day might have passed and you most probably spent it having dinner followed by romantic movies. Something that reminds you of the early days of the relationship. Doesn’t it? Perhaps the first holiday that you spent together. But that is long gone and maybe it is time to plan for a summer vacation. Jersey island can be a perfect choice for you the summer vacation. Visit to know more about the Jersey island.

The word summer brings so many memories. Above all, it calls for one word, vacations. That time of the year when one can elope from the robotic routine in the arms of the warm summer sun in the company of the one we love. It is more the same than different, but the bearing of such an experience is out of this world. No hectic traffic jams, no smoke, no honking, and no red lights. It is about letting the duckling’s pass or the elephants cross the road. The danger is not a rash driver but an alligator crossing the street while you see it from the leisure of your car.

Waking up early in the morning is no longer about rushing to the office but all about catching the mesmerizing sunrise. The noisy traffic is gone and you hear birds chirping, may be lions roaring and wolves howling too. The thumping hammer sounds are replaced with the sweet sound of raindrops falling on a roof that is anything but concrete. The sound of raindrops jumping in little puddles, the joyous songs of toads with the sweet smell of natural water moistening the soil.

How does that sound?

Like a scene from a movie shown on one of Spectrum Select Channels.

You may have experienced some of this on your honeymoon but when was it? Have you been to a vacation that takes away the stress and brings back joy? I understand it is all about the busy routine, work, friends, home, the game on the weekend and, work again. But that sounds exhausting. Maybe it is time to relive the honeymoon holiday. Here are a few holiday destinations for you to visit this summer:

Koh Samui, Thailand

Vacations and Thailand go hand in hand. One simply cannot ignore this beautiful place when it comes to exotic vacations. Koh Samui is amongst the many summer vacation destinations in Thailand. Dance the night away, speed boat, visit caves or snorkel – those are just a few of the attractions this holiday destination offers.

The best time to visit Koh Samui would be between March and June. You can attend the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, visit Bophut beach, Samui Aquarium, Tiger Zoo, Chaweng Beach, and so many others. Not to forget, relax your nerves with a world-famous massage in spas. If you love nature, you can feast your eyes on the ocean bed while snorkelling and scuba diving. All these activities and places with your loved one – now that’s a vacation!


Mauritius wants you to be there all year round. The ideal time to visit, however, would be between October and April. The weather would be hot and humid. Ideal for you to enjoy white sand beaches and offshore islands. It offers a chance for you to be closer to nature too – you can swim with the dolphins or visit the Adventure Park in Casela.

When with a loved one, an escape to the deep sea would give you the solitude you need. Enjoy romance and deep-sea fishing. You can also add flavour to your time with water sports. A getaway with speedboats seems ideal, symbolizing the notion of eloping away from the worries and bustle of the world. Those sweet teenage feelings all over again!

Seychelles, East Africa

115 islands, shimmery coastlines with palm-lined shores. Seychelles has everything – smooth white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and scenic views – at Anse Major Trail. Plan a vacation in the months between April and May or later in the year from October to November. The hospitality is incredible with a long list of places to visit.

A vacation at Seychelles invites you to experience Morne Seychellois, Anse Lazio Beach, Curious Island, and more. You can also get away from the sun – go for a stroll that makes for a retreat into nature in the Vallee de Mai reserves. Just don’t forget to take your sunscreen and beachwear!

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a paradise for a summer vacation. It has to offer everything that you can possibly imagine. Mountains, volcanoes, temples, beaches, and reefs that would make you never want to leave. Bali offers a picturesque view like the ones you see on postcards. All this with the one you love, what can be better?

The ideal time for a vacation in Bali would be from May to July. While you’re there don’t forget to take the love of your life to the Tanah Lot Temple, the sunset with them would be something you would not want to miss. To meet the adventurer in you, Bali offers wildlife safari, water sports in Benoa beach, or you can race with the waves by surfing in the Legian. Exciting and romantic!

Ouarzazate, Morocco

Ever been to the Sahara desert? The culture, little impermanent settlements, and a chance to live in a fortified village. Now that is some summer holiday!

Welcome to Ouarzazate in Morocco – it is known as the gateway to the Sahara desert and home to the Atlas Mountains – a journey to the iconic Kasbah to enjoy a spectacular sunrise and a romantic sunset awaits you and your beloved.

Visit Ouzazarete between March and May or later in the year during October and November. Enjoy your stay at the luxurious Riad Ouzazarete. They offer rooms with traditional Moroccan décor and serve native dishes which makes for an unforgettable experience. A perfect getaway in the wilderness with all the necessities at an arm’s length!