A resin bound driveway involves mixing resins and stone to create a surfacing material that is flexible hence resistant to cracking. These two materials are mixed then applied to the surface and floated with a trowel or other tool to achieve a smooth surface.

Unlike the other normal processes where stones are scattered after applying the resin binder, the resin binder is also sometimes applied after the layout. Typically the resin has to be mixed with the stones well to ensure that there is total coating hence the surface is completely bonded.

Recently, you might have found out that your neighbors or even friends have switched to a resin bound driveway or heard talk of Limegate Solutions. This might have prompted you to question why people are opting for this type of driveway or even left you confused.

Some of the doubts or things that may not be clear about changing to a resin bound driveway are answered below.


The main reason that people may choose a new driveway, is to make it more stylish and modern looking.

A resin bound driveway really delivers and you will see a drastic change in the appearance of your home, with a minimal outlay of time or money. This is one of the main factors that draw people, as they want a better curbside appeal.

Easy Installation

Another reason for opting for a resin bound drive is the fact that it is easy to install. The entire driveway makeover could be complete within a few days.

This fact is made possible because once the heavy work of removing the existing driveway material is completed, the installation process is quick and easy (for a professional anyway). In less than 24 hours in some cases, the driveway is dry enough to be used.

That is not to say that with the proper guidelines it could not be a family (DIY) do it yourself project. However, the dig out stage is not for everyone and having the right driveway kits including a good pair of gloves that are resin resistant is a must before taking on this type of job.


A resin bound driveway is easy to maintain and lasts a long time. These driveways are estimated to last up to fifteen years, making the project good value for money. There is no special maintenance that is needed for the driveway.

This means that there will be no costs incurred in maintaining the driveway. All your driveway needs is a regular clean and application of weedkiller.

It is essential not to use any oil-based products as this may damage the surface. The only challenge is the sweeping of the leaves and soil that gets collected along driveways.

Good Quality

You should also ensure that you choose a brand that is reliable while purchasing a resin bound driveway. This ensures that you have the best quality materials before the job is started. Quality should not be compromised since it can lead to a poorly constructed driveway.


The surface created by the resin is permeable. This means that there are fewer chances of the surface being washed off or being affected when the climatic conditions change from hot to cold each season and so is preferred by more and more homeowners.


Resin driveways enable you to design your driveway according to your needs or wishes giving you a perfect finish without costing you too much more in time or money.

They are non-slippery so can also be used in places other than the driveway. This includes making walkaways around swimming pools, wheelchair ramps and also footpaths.

It is evident that resin-based driveways are easy to create and look after. You should consider this choice since it is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home.