Shopify’s POS system allows you to accept payments through your iPad, iPhone or Android devices. You can use Shopify’s point of sale system if you have a proper store or if you are selling on-the-go. Shopify is an excellent choice for brick and mortar shop owners who also have a dedicated website or are simultaneously running an online store. The point of sale system comes in the form of an application that you can use to manage your store. Shopify’s easy to use point of sale system allows even a novice to understand its functioning.

Best Features Of Shopify POS

Here’s why Shopify’s point of sale system is one of the best:

  • Managing Your Store Cannot Get Easier

Shopify’s point of sale system makes it undeniably easy for you to manage your entire store. For example, you can take a look at the orders that have been placed on your online store and what’s been sold offline. The quantum of sales can be checked on a daily basis. You can manage your staff just as easily through Shopify and use powerful integrations as well. Collaboration tools are also available.

  • Payment Management Is Convenient

Shopify POS does not tie you down to using their hardware for credit and debit card payments. If you already have a card terminal of your own then you can use that too. You can accept more than one mode of payment. Shopify allows for partial payments and enables you to create custom payments. Gift card options are also available.

  • Manage Using Your Phone

You can manage your store even when you are away from your computer. Shopify’s point of sale allows you to do this from your mobile. You are provided with a mobile dashboard that contains all the important information regarding your business. You can just as easily manage your products and reach out to your customers via phone or email.

  • Reports That Matter

One of the best perks of Shopify’s POS is its analytics. You get detailed reports of your products so that you know which products are in high demand and which ones aren’t doing well. You can get all the information about your orders and how your business is doing. This can help you take decisions that can have a positive impact on your business. You can get customized reports too.

  • Add Discounts Without Hassles

You can set up and even discounts without any complications with Shopify’s point of sale. You can easily set up discounts through the app and apply it when you are selling in person. This makes it easy for you to set up various types of discounts. You can even receive reports that show how successful your discounts have been.

  • Customer Management Is Simple

With customer service given great importance, Shopify POS helps manage customers efficiently. Shopify creates customer profiles which helps you to understand your customer’s buying behavior. The customers’ contact information is also easy to find. Regardless of where the order was placed, all the information is synced which can makes it easy to track.

  • Managing Inventory Is A Breeze

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a store. And this must be possible without any errors. Shopify’s point of sale makes this effortless as you are able to easily sort products and organize them. You can also provide variants of the products you are selling and know when you are running out of inventory.

  • Check out Is A Piece Of Cake

Shopify POS makes the checkout process very simple. Don’t want to have a whole checkout terminal? Not a problem because you can accept payments from anywhere. You can customize the receipts and be in charge of setting the price that you want to sell the products at. You can also manage taxes on orders with ease. You can even add notes to your orders.

You can see that Shopify POS is advanced and it provides an extensive set of features that your store requires. Whether you are just starting out, been in the business for a while or are a large enterprise- Shopify’s point of sale has solutions for your every business need. In addition, you get 24/7 dedicated customer support that can resolve any small or big issue immediately. Shopify is best known for its ability to help all types of businesses thrive and succeed. So you must definitely give it a shot and watch your business grow.