When buying a watch, the millennials do not just look for functionality and internal mechanism. The style quotient plays a huge part in their choices and what is better than the chronograph watches to bring out the best of both worlds. The utility of these watches has gone beyond their traditional usage of timing races, bike rides, and exercise routines. A trendy chronograph on the wrist speaks of a person who takes his style and accessories really seriously. Though the chronographs never really went out of style, it seems like they have been ruling the watch market over the past few years. Themillennials have really taken to the trend and brought it to the forefront. Panerai Luminor is a unique wristwatch and it’s a chronograph kind watch. You will love to check out these watches and the reasons why they are very popular nowadays. Here are the top six reasons why the millennials are going gaga over the classy and cool chronographs.

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The millennials appreciate the perfect amalgamation of style and mechanics

Chronographs are the embodiment of a watch genre that is not just known for its aesthetics and mechanical functions. There are very few other watches that can combine mechanics and design as effortlessly as you see in a chronograph. These are the watches that are universal in their usability and have a unique style quotient of their own. The operation of chronographs is pretty self-explanatory, and if you have ever used one, you will know how to use the others since almost all of them work the same way. It is not like you have to learn from the beginning of adding a new one to your collection.

They love the fact that the chronographs are not out of the budget

Thanks to the millennials, the chronographs have become so common that people tend to forget how complicated their mechanism is. The experts compare the mechanism of a chronograph to that of a tourbillion or a perpetual watch. The chronographs have their own mechanism besides giving you the functionality of actual watches. So, you can think that the chronographs are basically two watches combined into one and naturally derive from that these watches would be out of your budget. But the reality is that there are chronographs for every budget, and given the type of mechanisms you get, the money you shell out is surprisingly less.

The young guns admire the classic yetdaring appeal of the chronographs

From Juan Manuel Fangio, Steve McQueen, to Ayrton Senna have all proclaimed their love for the high-end chronographs. There have been chronograph models named after their famous wearers. For instance, the Jochen Rindt watch introduced by theHeuer Autavia brand or the Paul Newman chronograph by Rolex Daytona. All of these make chronographs have a classic appeal to them. To add to that, chronograph embodies the daring and reckless vibe of the racecar drivers. You can do any regular job from accounting to financial advising, but when you sport a chronograph, it automatically gives you an edge over the others in your zone.


The chronograph is the definitive man toy for most

You can ask any millennial about his love for the chronographs and chances are that a majority of them will tell you about how they love to flaunt their watch as their new man toy. The functions of a chronograph are not limited to race drivers, and the millennials can flaunt is with equal ease for their day to day jobs. For example, when you want your steak to be fried exactly for 120 seconds on each side or if your tea needs to steep exactly one minute, you let your chronograph do the counting. The thing is, why trust your inner clock when you have that trusted and stylish help by your side?

When customization is the key to the heart of millennials

Yes, the chronograph is complicated, but you will hardly get a complication that gives you as much versatility as a chronograph does. These watches are not limited to measuring time, and there are specific chronographs available for specialized functions. There are some with tachymeter (measures average speed) attached to it, some others with inbuilt pulsometer (measures pulse), and yet another with telemeter (measures distance from a thunderstorm). You can customize a chronograph by choosing exactly the function that you need and that amps up the cool quotient of these watches.

When a simple three-handed watch is too boring for the tastes

The typical three hands and twelve indexes containing regular watch is the ultimate in minimalism. But for the millennials, the simple watch feels like too simple for their tastes. The chronographs offer very distinctive aesthetics which makes it one of the most wanted watches of this generation. As any watch enthusiast will tell you, each chronograph has its own language that comes into play through its multiple dials and numerous functions. Even after using a chronograph for years, the chances are that you will suddenly notice a new detail that you had overlooked for so long. Besides, chronographs are inimitable with the more number of scales, fonts, and indexes contained in them.

The reasons to love a chronograph are aplenty which has led to it getting the everlasting love from gen-y and the new admiration of the millennials. After all, who doesn’t love a watch that is as gorgeous from the outside as it is from the inside? No matter through which way you see this trend of chronographs, one thing is for sure that they are here to stay.