Are you one of the many people who own an iPhone? Want to trick it out to make it unique to you? Here are 5 of the best iPhone accessories on the market today.

It seems like each month brings a new fad of an iPhone accessory. How can we know whether or not these things are actually useful? Well, you have to try them.

That, or you have people like us take a look at them for you and let you know if they’re worth your time. We’ve done just that in this article. Take a look at our list of the 5 best iPhone accessories on the market.

We’ve also listed a few items that are most definitely not worth your money.

Best iPhone Accessories

The iPhone has been around long enough to go through hordes of bad accessory phases. You’d think that we would have narrowed down what works and what doesn’t by now.

But as technology moves forward, so do our accessories. From custom iPhone X cases to wireless chargers, some accessories may actually be worth your time.

1. The Tune Band

This accessory allows you to strap your phone to your arm while you’re exercising. Products like the Tune Band have been around for years, but no one seemed to figure out the how to prevent headphones from slapping your limbs until now.

The Tune Band gives you an effortless workout without your headphones getting in your way.

2. The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is so sophisticated that it’s unbelievable at times. Maybe it just makes us feel like we’re in the future. Maybe it is the future.

Who knows. One thing we do know is that the Apple Watch is extremely convenient and useful for those who are sick of pulling out their phone every time it rings.

3. Mpow Selfie Stick

Throw your old gas station selfie stick to the wind. That thing is of no use to you now. The Mpow allows you to extend your reach and turn your camera 270 degrees. This changes the selfie stick game forever.

Not only can you get access to great angles, but you can also rotate your shot and fold the stick down to a size that fits in your backpack.

4. Pop Sockets

The PopSocket kind of has the feeling of a fad. Who knows if they will be in use three or four years from now.

These things are very convenient though. You don’t realize how difficult it is to handle your iPhone until you’re assisted by a Pop Socket. Never again will you drop your phone out of clumsiness.

There might be nothing more frustrating than flipping a phone to look at the wallpaper or photo on the screen, only to slip up and drop it.

5. Anker Power Port Wireless 5 Pad

If you have a newer iPhone, you need to get one of these wireless charging pads. You don’t have to fuss with chords and sockets anymore. All you have to do is place your phone on the pad and let it charge.

Maybe the future is here after all.

Dishonorable Mentions

Only a small percentage of accessories are successful. They stand out in a sea of bad ideas. Here are some of those ideas.

The first is a sausage-shaped iPhone stylus pen, designed to help you write on your phone in the winter. It is, however, shaped like a small golden sausage.

Towel-speakers are another poor idea with good intentions. Sure, it is nice to lay on your towel and hear music at the same time, but what happens when the towel enters the pool?

Maybe the most obnoxious of the iPhone accessories today is the TV Hat. This is a weirdly formed hat that blocks out the world around you to give a better look at your phone. The phone sits in the front of your hat, around 8 inches from your face.

You kind of have to see it to believe it. That accessory is almost as weird as the iPhone leg strap, which just holds your phone on your leg so you can look at it without holding it. They even make a forearm mount called the “iArm.”

Can’t we just use our hands?

Need Any More Ideas?

The world is filled with items that need accessories. Sometimes we just don’t think of the things that will improve our lives. Whether we’re seeking out the best iPhone accessories or trying to find a gift, sometimes we need help.

For help in your effort to streamline your life, we’ve got the ideas you need. All you need to do is explore our blog.