Are you getting ready for an adventure of your life and want your hike to be painless and fun, you need to prepare like a professional. If you love to take a natural route to your workouts and your diet, you can check out these few herbs (and foods and supplements) that can help you get the most of your long hike.


Rhodiola or roseroot is a herb native to Siberia and its residents long recognize it as an elixir of longevity. As Siberian herbalists claim, roseroot can help with focus and clarity and boost your energy. Why? Well, mostly because rhodiola supports the production of ATP, the primary energy source of our bodies. However, make sure to limit your use the first few times, since it can be quite stimulating for those who are sensitive to adaptogens.


Tulsi AKA holy basil is a commonly used in Ayurveda, Indian ancient medicine, and is one of its favorite adaptogen herbs. According to users, tulsi can greatly help in calming the nervous system without affecting your digestion and immunity—just what hikers need. It can also help your body lower stress responses (insulin sensitivity and cortisol release) while directing energy into necessary processes.


Nettle is a herb packed with nutrients and antihistaminics. However, you don’t have to be a hiker with allergies to benefit from nettle. If you’re training for your hike in a dry climate or planning to tackle a hike in a dry climate, pair nettle with some moistening herbs like Aloe.


While cannabinoids won’t improve your performance directly, they have amazing benefits for all types of hikers, especially those suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Having one of those while on a long hike can be very distressing, so it’s great to have a bottle of CBD for anxiety with you at all times. CBD oil relieves anxiety and can also improve your inflammations and digestive health and improve sleep—all one long-distance hiker needs!


Turmeric, or rather curcumin—the substance contained in turmeric, is amazing for overall health, especially for joint function and mobility thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant actions. If you want to have a pain-free hike, make sure to bring some turmeric on your trip or load your meals with it before you embark.

Green tea

If you want to ensure effective and healthy metabolism of sugars and carbs that provide your body with fuel, make sure to drink plenty of green tea. This herb also has great antioxidant properties and can help promote cardiovascular health which is always important, not only for long-distance hikers.

Maca root

One of the best natural performance enhancers used by ancient Inca warriors, maca root is a plant that resembles a turnip. Native to Peru, this resistant plant can help fuel you with healthy energy and stamina and make your hikes more enjoyable and less painful. Maca is also an adaptogen which means it helps with all sorts of stress. Plus, maca supplements dissolve easily and taste quite pleasantly, so you can quickly add it to your foods or mix into smoothies, energy bars and more. For extra-long hikes, some maca powder mixed with a pinch of salt and some dates will fuel your hikes in a completely natural way.


Lychii or goji berry is a popular component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and frequently used as a tonifying herb. Goji berries help the body keep its blood supply steady which ensure your circulatory system is healthy. Goji also tastes quite mild and can be enjoyed as a snack, in cereals or in smoothies.


This common spice is quite magical actually. It contains many antioxidant properties and components that “hunt and kill” free radicals from your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cinnamon is used as a stimulant and it can really get your energy flowing. You can take it daily to boost vitality and protect your body from oxidative stress. Plus, cinnamon is very tasty and can be used in many ways: in cereals, shakes, energy bars and even coffee!

With these additions to your diet, you can boost your performance on the trail in a completely natural and health way. No matter how long and demanding your next hike is, you’ll feel your best and come back home with only positive impressions.