If you are planning your next golfing experience or looking for a nice community to become a part of, then here are 5 clubs that you must consider.

Eagle Harbor Golf Club

We’ll start off with the best golf course in Fleming Island. The Eagle Harbor Golf Club is located on beautiful Florida greenery with multiple serene lakes throughout.

The club emphasizes its ability to cater to a variety of experience levels. They offer challenges to all players from beginners to experts.

The club offers other services in addition to golfing. They have the Talon Bar and Grill where you can unwind and have a good time. They also offer wedding and catering services. This club could serve as a beautiful backdrop for any wedding.

Stone Creek Golf Club

At Stone Creek in Ocala, Florida, you can golf amidst the backdrop of the everglades. This location is a regular hosting spot for private golf tournaments. They are noted for their professional handling of tournaments, and they have the awards to prove it. They offer a relaxing yet challenging experience.

The beauty of their sites makes them a great venue for a wedding or any other type of banquet. They have people who will coordinate events with you to help make your events as special as possible. They have a simple system in place that makes it easy to design every element of your event. There is also a world class restaurant on the premises known as the Grille.

Laurel Oak Country Club

The Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota offers golfing experiences for a wide variety of players. All of their experiences are held to a championship quality.

They pride themselves in the amount of entertainment that can be found there. You will find a state of the art tennis facility, driving ranges, multiple dining options, wedding services, and a premier swimming centre for families to relax and have fun.

There is also a delightful community based around this country club.

Northland Country Club

The Northland Country Club in Duluth, MN offers one of the highest rated courses in Minnesota. The club was meticulously designed by legendary golfer Donald Ross, and the premises are maintained to perfection.

They strive to maintain a family friendly atmosphere, and they offer lessons from professionals. They almost always have social events ongoing, and they also have a large pool with swimming lessons offered.

They also partake in event hosting with world class culinary services ready to be taken advantage of. This is a great club to bring a family to.

Stonegate Golf Club

We’ll end our list with the Stonegate Golf Club which is one of the best Kissimmee Florida golf courses. They have blended their two courses with the landscape to create amazing golfing experiences. This may just be the perfect place to go for relaxation. The club is located on land that is split between tranquil woodlands and wetlands. There are 100 year old oak hammocks strewn about the property that are great for relaxation.

They boast 36 holes on their course offering a comfortable challenge for all comers. Their dining options also emphasize serenity. Their on site restaurants, The Grille and Marketplace Bistro, offer outdoor seating overlooking the beautiful scenery.

No matter which one of these you choose, you are sure to have a wonderful time.