In times when a prevailing rat race is of daily occurrence, an increasing number of people decide to start their own business. They prefer to invest some money and time into their private enterprise rather than do their employers’ dirty work for peanuts. Although, initially taking your startup may be challenging, in the long run, your efforts will pay off. But to reach this point, you must work very hard, be consistent, and do all your best to make people take your business seriously. How to do that? You’ll need to know some useful marketing gimmicks to attract potential clients’ attention. But don’t worry- it’s nothing complicated! With some aces in the hole, you may intimidate even the best marketing specialist.

Social media hacks

Once you come up with the idea of running a business, you must introduce your product or services, basically, a new brand to the market. Firstly you should target local customers, but later on, you may significantly extend your range. To do that effectively, use the power of the Internet. Except for a standard official website, which today is no longer as popular as a few years later, find your audience on social media.

Through Facebook and Instagram, you can aim at many more followers and potential clients than nowhere else. One of the practical methods is to post a compelling video, in which you’ll explain to customers what your mission is and what you can offer them. The more natural it is, the more people are willing to trust you. Only then can you make them take your startup seriously. If you prefer writing to public speaking, you may as well write an encouraging post. Still such a video with the explanation of your company policy will stick in visitors’ memory for much longer. People are most often visualisers, so they tend to remember images quicker than your written promises.

Company T-shirts

Another hack that many companies incorporate into their daily routine is wearing the same T-shirts with their company logo. If you have quite a big team, you can think about something like that and create your personalised uniform that could be respected in the workplace. Not only will it make your employees look neat and professional, but it’ll also make a favourable first impression on your customers. Look at TeeJunction’s Custom T-Shirts which you may design as you wish. They don’t have to be boring at all, but conversely, they can bring some joy and fun to your company.

Backlinks and ads

To boost your traffic and revenue, as well as your corporate image, you can also take advantage of such tools as backlinks and ads. What are they? These are old marketing techniques used by many well-renowned companies. Backlinks are links to your page or a particular product or service on it, which can be found usually on some blogs and forums. If the visitor can see such a link on the Internet and automatically clicks on it just out of curiosity, they may take your startup more seriously since it’s been recommended in a relevant article.

Regarding ads, you should consider either pay-per-click marketing or Google Ads, which are placed all over the search engine to drive traffic to your website. These methods may be quite expensive, though highly effective. People encountering such ads online are more likely to visit your site and purchase something if their search engine promotes it.

Not only will such practices build a long-lasting relationship with your customers, but they’ll also boost your Google rankings and increase your brand’s visibility in the industry.


Apart from backlinks and ads, you can also find some influencers. These people promote different brands online, especially on Instagram, where they test some products and give positive recommendations. With their help, your brand may become easily and quickly recognisable all around the world since influencers are usually very persuasive figures on the Internet.

Cold emailing

Another common practice is using cold emails. These are messages sent to your receivers without prior contact. They are personalised, one-to-one messages that target individuals rather than big masses. Their goal is to boost a business conversation with a potential client rather than encourage them to buy a particular product or service. This hack usually makes a strong impression on a recipient. But to get the desired effect, you as an entrepreneur should make your subject engaging and customer-oriented, as well as, clearly explain how your product will be helpful to them.

In conclusion, when you decide on your first startup, keep in mind your customers’ needs and expectations. To make your company look serious on the market, try to use at least some of the hacks presented above. They are the recipe for your company’s success.