While nature is the mother to all plants, however, science has given us the power to nurture plants through its inventions. Artificial lights are such an invention, which has become the magic wand to trigger the growth of indoor plants. These lights beam heat through its radiation and enabling the process of photosynthesis. Basically, artificial lights are the manmade sun, a boon to all the gardeners out there who can’t go a day without gardening, or for the people who love growing indoor plants. So, ladies and gentleman have a read on how to use artificial growing lights for your indoor plants-

Do artificial lights actually work?

Of course, artificial lights are the new addition to modern gardening. Isn’t it exciting how we don’t have to wait till spring to plant trees or small adorable flower plants? Artificial lights are a 24/7 heat provider that doesn’t disappoint you even during the winter and/or rainy days, unlike the sun.

Now the question arises, where can these gardeners’ best friend be found? These artificial lamps are available at Lamptwist.com with a wide array of options suitable for your plants.

Artificial Grow lights provide the necessities for your indoor plants

We often choose plants that are indoor-friendly since they require less maintenance; however, these plants can’t lose their bloom due to lack of some essential necessities, for instance, light.

Generations ago people relied on that single sunny window that was merciful enough to provide a glint of sunlight, but now we are fortunate enough to have these artificial grow lights. These lights are designed for the plants maintaining a proper intensity of blue and red lights. Therefore, a small set of artificial grow lights will be of tremendous benefit to your indoor plants during gloomy days, don’t you think?

Now comes the question of how to choose the best artificial lights for your indoor plants. Well, here goes –

1. Research on the kind of grow lights suitable for your plants:

Heat intensity of grow lights vary from one plant to the next; therefore, one must fully research first before they go about investing in artificial grow lights suitable for their plants.
Let me walk you through the common three variations of artificial grow lights available as well as purchasable through lamptwist.com

Incandescent grow lights

Incandescent grow lights are the cheapest grow lights in the market available between 5 to 10 bucks. They have an average capacity of 150 watts and are commonly found in local nurseries, hardware, and online stores. These are perfect for small in-house plants or succulents.

The cons attached to these lights are that they frequently fail to provide an adequate intensity of light during the rainy or winter days. They are more of a backup light source, and you should also know that these grow lights aren’t really suitable for plants that require massive light sources. To be honest, this would be the last recommendation yet mentioned first.

Fluorescent Grow Light

Florescent lights are like the elder sibling to the incandescent lights, rectifying the drawbacks of its sibling. They provide with a great about of red and blue light for the plants which are essential for their growth.

Alas, these lights won’t be a good choice for the indoor flowering or budding plants, they give out too much of the red lights for the tiny plants to absorb. Though the power can be adjusted so if maintained properly that won’t be much of an issue.

High-Intensity Discharge Lamp (HID)

High-Intensity Discharge Lamp (HID) gives out approximately 1000 watts of light power and would be the best choice for your indoor plants.

Why? Because these lights can deliver 10,000 cumulative hours that means they are long lasting while saving your money on low powered lights every now and then.

Sadly, they are quite expensive but hey, it lasts 10,000 hours!

Things to keep in consideration while purchasing artificial grow lights for indoor plants

1. There should be a cooling system

The trait of the best artificial grow lights or LED lights are that they come with a cooling system. It is a must due to the immense amount of heat, thus it has the risk of blowing up. Moreover, the best of the best quality lights are combined with a great cooling system.

2. Adjustable Output Spectrum

The blue and red lights projected through these artificial lights are the main reason why we purchase them so that our indoor plants may absorb sufficient lights for photosynthesis. Therefore, it is mandatory that these lights come with an adjustable output spectrum, which offers the grower to manipulate the ideal condition for their plants. Identifying an ideal light can be easy by observing their wavelengths.

3. Consider the Space Coverage

Considering the space coverage of these artificial lights are crucial yet important. Before purchasing a handy artificial sun make sure you have the required space to install those lights or else the money will be wasted.

Drawing to the conclusion in this article, if the followed instructions and considerations can be focused on the best and perfect usage for these artificial lights can be made for your desired indoor plants and its aesthetics.