Maintaining a clean home is vital for you and your family’s health and safety. Even how busy you are at work and handling other family matters, it’s crucial to find some time to clean your home. Especially the kitchen, bathroom, and living room areas. It’s possible to clean your house quickly with proper planning.

Below are some great ways to help you clean and maintain a beautiful, comfortable, and happy home.

Use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are popular because of the benefits they provide to homeowners when cleaning different surfaces, nooks, and corners. A robot vacuum cleaner is an autonomous device, specifically designed to clean hardwood floors, carpet, and tiles, getting rid of all dirt and debris. It is easy to use and work hands-free.

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Here are the benefits of using a robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Easy To Use: You can set the timer and space so the robot vacuum can just automatically run itself, and you can do other cleaning tasks, saving you time and effort. You don’t have to worry about your robot vacuum cleaner being stuck on a surface or malfunctioning because the technology made the features more robust and intuitive.
  • Efficient: Robot vacuum cleaners can multitask with capabilities of remembering the layout of your space, dumping the collected dirt, and finding their way back to their charging station.
  • Works on Different Surfaces: A robot vacuum cleaner can work on various surfaces, such as carpets, wood floors, linoleum, and concrete.
  • Tackle All Types of Dirt: Autonomous vacuum cleaners can handle all types of dirt, like dust settled on deep carpet fibers. It is because they have powerful suctions and built-in sensors that help detect the cleaning required in various situations.

Have an Effective Cleaning System

By having a clear plan or systematic cleaning routine, you can save time and effort cleaning your home. Avoid trial and error by applying proving methods to cut the time required to clean space or room. Observing consistency, patience, and hard work when cleaning your home will have better results.

Here are some tips and tricks to clean your home more systematically and efficiently:

  • Prepare Things You Need: Before cleaning, make sure to prepare all the cleaning tools and supplies you need. Wear an apron with pockets and fill with cleaning tools you’ll need or carry a big bucket or a caddy with all the things you need. Pour cleaners in small spray bottles to avoid carrying large containers of cleansing solutions.
  • Clean From Top to Bottom: Start cleaning from the top, like ceilings and windows, down the bottom, with the floor as the last to be cleaned. In that way, unnoticed dirt and debris fall by gravity and are collected from the bottom later on. You don’t want contaminants to land from one surface to another because of disorganized dusting and wiping, such as cleaning the coffee table and then the blinds, which will only waste your time and effort.
  • Clean From Left to Right: Don’t dart from one place to another. Make sure to cover cleaning the entire room by cleaning from left to right.

Go Natural and Go Green

Go green and adapt sustainable cleaning practices to safeguard the health and help preserve the environment. One of the most excellent natural cleaning solutions that a sustainable and green home adapts is using a lemon cleaner. Lemon has natural acidic properties that help dissolve rust and remove other stubborn stains on different surfaces and materials, like fabrics.

You can get rid of rust stains using freshly cut lemon and squeeze the lemon juice onto the rust stain. Let the lemon juice soak the surface for about 10 minutes. You can also use a lemon cleaner to clean rust stains in your garage floor, porch, patio, and driveways. Use a hard bristle brush to scrub these surfaces and rinse off the gunk and lemon juice with clean water.

Here are some ingredients you can use to make effective natural cleaning solutions:

  • White vinegar
  • Natural salt
  • Borax
  • Baking soda
  • Liquid castile soap


This year, it’s time to adapt the best cleaning practices that can minimize cleaning time, such as using robot vacuum cleaners. Systematic cleaning will help you clean and cover all areas of your home, leaving no surface uncleaned. Also, using natural home cleaners, like lemon and white vinegar, can help you go green and protect your family’s health and safety from harmful cleaning agents and chemicals.