Men who carry a few extra pounds may find it difficult to select something that looks excellent on them. A big man has to put extra work into his looks. The situation can be complicated when a big man is bald too.

You have to pick distinct styles to minimalize the physical features that hefty man wants to downplay and accurately fit the standards of styles. Being obese doesn’t mean to dress poorly because you can select the right clothing as per your body type. Carefully pick fabric from a reliable place, such as Dalston Mill Fabrics. Wrong fabric can make you uncomfortable. Here are a few style tips for big, tall and bald men that will help you to look good and stylish. These tips allow you to carry yourself with confidence:

Wear Clothes as Per your Body Type

There is no need to wear unfit clothes because too-tight clothing will draw attention toward your body fat and body bulges. The over-sized clothes will make you look bigger. Loose-fitting clothes will make you look sloppy. A two sizes big dress will be too wide from your neck and shoulder.

If you don’t want to tuck your shirt, you can purchase XL shirts or “tall” shirts. Consider the largest parts of your body and select clothes that should fit in these parts. For instance, if your pants fit in your waist, but they are busting at the seams of your thighs, these are not right for you. The larger size may fit on your thighs, but it will be loose at your waist. You can pay extra to alter large size pants instead of purchasing tight clothes.

Dress for a Particular Occasion

Overweight men feel hesitant to wear t-shirts and shorts in summer because of their weight insecurities. Try to dress as per season because you can draw more eyeballs toward you by wearing extra clothes. Your selected clothes should suit the environment.

Change Your Clothing Style

Dress with vertical lines will do wonders; hence, you should choose a dress with vertical stripes. This simple pattern can highlight clothes that may not fit and give a slim look to your personality. Prefer vertical stripes over horizontal because these pieces will make you look thin. In parallel strips, you may look wider. There is no need to wear contrasting colors and bold patterns. Try to wear straight leg pants without pleats. These will be wide at the base and avoid V-shaped and tiny ankles along with wider midsections. If your pant fits well, there is no need to wear pleats.

The shape of your neck or collar will help you to make your neckline look longer. A V-neck shirt or sweater can help you to reduce the effect of a double chin. If you want to purchase shirts, try to select spread collar to balance the proportion of you. There is no need to wear turtlenecks because these may conceal your neck.

Carefully Select Colors

While choosing colors for your dresses, keep it in mind that darker shades undermine and lighter shades can quickly attract attention. This principle can be helpful for you to select your clothes. If you have a larger torso as compared to your bottom half, you can choose dark cloth for top and light for your base to look proportional. Moreover, undershirts may keep you cool in the summer and warm in cold season.

Black is a slimming color, but excessive black will make it evident that you are trying to hide your obesity. This fact can’t be ignored that black color absorbs light and you can wear a combination of dark and light colors. Add lighter layers underneath to keep everything in a unique balance. There are lots of dark choices, such as deep greens, burgundy, grays, and navy. You can select a black jumper with a pink or white shirt. Focus on the heavy part of your body and choose a dark color for this part.

Wisely Use Accessories

Try to wear a bandana to ignore baldness naturally. It will make you look adventurous and exciting. Indeed, bandanas are suitable for every season.

Moreover, wear a wide, sturdy and thick belt and make it tight with your tucked shirt. A wide belt will increase your comfort as compared to narrow belts. If you want something stylish for your business attire, you can use suspenders instead of a belt. Select bright colors, such as red to make you look gorgeous.

If you want to wear ties, try to wear extra-long ties and extensive ties. These work well because thinner ties will make your body look even larger. Make sure to select long ties to touch your belt.