According to the Henley & Partners Passport Index 2019, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea are the leading force in Henley and Partners passport index. This was measured According to the number of destinations you can enter without issuing a visa, as the number of destinations that can enter these countries without issuing a visa to 189 destinations! The UAE ranked the 21st with 165 destinations with visa-free entry.

However, the top four countries listed on Henley and Partners passport index do not have the option to invest in their countries and obtain their passport! In contrast, Spain, Portugal, The United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Malta, Australia is among the most powerful international passports; they have multiple investment programs options in exchange for their passports, as the passport holder will be enjoying free visa access to more than 150 countries around the world! In addition, the privileges that you will gain after getting the residency! So let us review the most important programs and the passport ranking globally:

  1. Spain: Ranked in the fourth place as one of the strongest passports in the world! The holder of Spain passport is allowed to enter 186 destinations around the world, in addition, the freedom of movement in the Schengen countries! You can obtain the Spanish passport through the investment of Spain golden visa program.
  2. Portugal: Ranked in the 5th place as one of the strongest passports in the world! The holders of Portuguese passport have the freedom to enter 185 destinations worldwide! Portugal has launched a Portugal Golden Visa investment program for people who want to obtain passport by investing in a real estate. The passport holders will also be enjoying the benefits and advantages for them and their family and reside in a safe and stable country in terms of investment.
  3. United Kingdom: UK came in the fifth place, where UK passport holders have access to 185 international destinations with visa-free access! You can find more details about applying for a UK passport through the various investment programs.
  4. Canada: ranked sixth as one of the most powerful passports, with the Canadian passport you will have access to 184 destinations worldwide, in addition to the privileges that Canada provides to its citizens.
  5. Greece: one of the countries that you can obtain its passport by investing in Greece Golden Visa Program. The Greek passport ranked in the 6th place as the same as Canada’s passport. Greek passport holders have the freedom to travel to 186 destinations with visa-free access, including the Schengen areas
  6. Malta: Although Malta is not a primary destination for some; Maltese passport is ranked the eighth in the world and it gives you access to 182 destinations around the world.
  7. Australia: Ranked the ninth as one of the most powerful passports in the world! With the ability to travel to 181 countries without a visa entry, in addition, the holder of the passport will be enjoying the privileges that Australia provides to its citizens.

Which of the countries that have the top international ranking for the strongest passports in the world? And which countries are ranked the lowest?

The most powerful international passports from the first place to the tenth place

  1. First place (189 countries): Japan, Singapore, and South Korea
  2. Second place (188 countries): Germany
  3. Third place (187 countries): France, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden
  4. Fourth place (186 countries): Luxembourg, Spain
  5. Fifth place (185 countries): Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  6. Sixth place (184 countries): United States, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland
  7. Seventh place (183 countries): Czech Republic
  8. Eighth place (182 countries): Malta
  9. Ninth place (181 countries): Australia, Iceland, New Zealand
  10. Tenth place (180 countries): Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia

While the following countries ranked the last 10 (from 40 to 30)

40. Libya, Nepal
39. Lebanon, Palestine
38. Sudan, Eritrea
36. Yemen
33. Pakistan
32. Somalia, Syria
30. Iraq, Afghanistan

Therefore, these results are not constant and vary from year to year. Some other sources may rely on the strength of the passport according to the number of countries that enter without a visa, not the number of destinations. There may be a significant difference in the ranking of countries between one source and another and from one year to another.